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At the cliffhouse, Steffy spoils Taylor with dessert and shares that Ridge is coming over for some too. Hope arrives unexpectedly; she’s looking for Douglas’ football. Taylor invites her to join them and Steffy relays that Ridge is expected too. Hope’s not sure he’ll make it – he’s with her mother, who needs her husband today. Taylor asks if everything is okay with Brooke. Hope shrugs. Steffy assures, “You know you can tell us, Hope.” The blonde admits she’s brought some stress to her mom’s life by pushing for a relationship with her father. She just wants to be sure that they give Brooke and Ridge space and that Taylor doesn’t see this as an opportunity. Taylor wonders what she’s implying.
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Steffy guesses this is the real reason Hope came by – it wasn’t about Douglas’ football but to confront her mom. Hope denies it, but feels it needs to be said. Taylor still has feelings for Ridge and they once had a family together. Steffy interjects, “We still do,” and asks her to get to the point. Hope is glad Taylor’s back in town, she just hopes she and her daughter remember that Ridge is no longer married to her. “He’s married to my mother.” Steffy reminds Hope that whatever Ridge decides is up to him. Hope says he’s already made his decision. Steffy counters that he’s been through a lot, and most of it has been due to her and Brooke. Hope guesses she’s referring to Deacon. They debate about the pain he caused and the messy scandal. No one seems worried about Ridge’s feelings or concerns. Whoever he ends up married to is up to him, not Hope and not Brooke. Hope tightly smiles and asks Taylor to respect her mother’s marriage. She’s trying to keep the peace and needs to know that’s understood… by both of them. “Is that clear?”

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At home, Brooke flashes to keeping her secret with Deacon. Ridge interrupts her and figures she’s thinking about New Year’s Eve again too. She asks if he has anywhere he needs to be. Ridge needs to be right there. Brooke laments all the years of sobriety gone because of a mistake. Ridge gives her a pep talk – she’s doing all the right things, starting with going to the AA meeting and standing up and telling everyone the truth. “Stop beating yourself up over this, okay?” Brooke agrees, “Okay.”

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Brooke sighs – she can’t imagine her life without him. Ridge marvels that they’re still together after all these years; whatever life throws at them, they’ll deal with it without shame. Brooke’s trying and appreciates his support… and Hope’s too. She doesn’t like how Hope feels responsible for what happened. Ridge recaps that no one is responsible. Brooke doesn’t understand what drove her to drink. She was upset that he didn’t come home but there had to have been more! Ridge hushes that she’s fixing the problem and promise they’ll find the trigger. When they do, he’ll deal with it and it will make their family stronger. They embrace. Brooke flashes to urging Deacon to do shots with her as Ridge tells her it was just one night. She needs to focus on the future.
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At Forrester Creations, Mrs. Buckingham tells Paris she never would have pulled off this surprise without Zende’s help. She’s very happy that Paris is dating such a fine young man. Paris smiles tightly. Her mother goes on that she follows Zende online and thinks highly of him, but senses reluctance from Paris. She wonders if there’s something going on with the two of them she doesn’t know about. Paris deflects and the two hug again, happy to be reunited. Grace goes on about the wonderful things her daughters have accomplished before veering back to Zende. She warns Paris to choose her significant other carefully. It’s not just about money and standing, it’s about finding the right foundation to build a future on. “Could that man be Zende?”
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In the design office, Zende rants to Carter about the possibility of Paris being interested in another guy. If that’s the case, he wants a name! He is very protective of her, and though he doesn’t know there’s competition, if there is, he won’t give up and just walk away. Zende puzzles over the way things went down the night of his proposal – it’s like someone tipped her off. Regardless, her answer would have been the same; she’s not ready for marriage. He admits it was a kick in the gut – he was hoping they’d be engaged right now.
Zende won't give up B&B

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Zende knows it’s coming off like he’s throwing himself a big pity party. Carter reassures him. Zende hasn’t given up on a future with Paris and is happy he’ll get to spend some time with her mother. Carter muses that he knows how much Paris has missed her mother. Zende throws him a curious look and reflects on what a good friend he’s been to Paris. Switching gears, he still hopes to put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger, but wonders if there’s another man, who it could be?

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