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At the cabin, Hope beats herself up for not realizing her mother was struggling. Liam assures her that she’s a fighter and will make it through this just fine. Undeterred, Hope worries that she pushed too hard about her dad and caused her other stress. She can’t understand why she started drinking again! Liam tells Hope there’s nothing she could have done, but Hope is unconvinced and points out that Taylor being back in town probably didn’t help her stress. She thinks someone or something pushed her over the edge and made her drink again Liam assures her she wasn’t being selfish and that her mother will be fine. Hope’s grateful she’s getting help and not keeping anything from them. She recalls how scared her mother was knowing things had gotten out of control and she had no idea why.
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At the AA meeting, Brooke is asked if she was alone when she drank on New Year’s Eve. She flashes to being with Deacon and looks around the room uncomfortably.
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At Forrester Creations, Paris is thinking about kissing Carter when Zende comes in looking for an opinion on a new design. Switching gears to their personal life, he thanks her for being so straightforward with him on New Year’s. She tells him he’s a great guy, but gets distracted. Paris explains she just got a text from her mom, which made her realize how much she misses her. She laughs as her mother sends her photos of them together in the past. Zende, amused, walks over to see. Paris misses her mom a lot. Suddenly, her mother appears in the doorway, “I miss you too, Paris.” The young woman rushes into her mom’s arms and can’t believe she’s there right now.
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Paris learns that Zende was part of the surprise, and her mother thanks him for helping to arrange this. Paris thanks him too, as he leaves them alone to visit. Mrs. Buckingham goes over all of Paris’ accomplishments since arriving in Los Angeles. Paris had an incredible role model. They hug and celebrate their reunion some more. Paris learns her mother resigned from the hospital she worked at and has some offers in L.A. She thinks it would be awesome if her mom moved here to stay.

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In the design office, Carter flashes to kissing Paris as Zende arrives. Carter notices he’s all smiles and the designer explains that he pulled off a surprise. “Paris’ mother is in town.” He explains that Mrs. Buckingham wouldn’t have been able to get into the building without his help. Zende loves making Paris happy. He confides that he had Quinn make an engagement ring and was going to propose on New Year’s, but he’s suddenly not sure how she feels about him. Carter says he has a confession to make. He already knew about the ring – Quinn told him. Zende explains how he set up the proposal, but Paris started talking about being young and single. He wonders if he has competition and muses, “If it’s not me, then who else could it be?”

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In her room, Sheila looks fondly at photos of Finn and Hayes and smiles. She then flashes through her diabolical plot to switch Brooke’s alcohol-free champagne with the real thing. She vows no one will keep her from her son and grandson, especially Brooke. “Oh Brooke, when are you going to learn not to push me?”
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At the meeting, Brooke blurts, “Yes, yes. I was alone when I drank.” She doesn’t know what triggered the urge to drink. The meeting leader figures it could have been building subconsciously and she wasn’t aware of it. Brooke is committed to her sobriety and is grateful for her husband’s support. Whatever led her to drink, she can’t ever let it happen again.

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Ridge and Brooke arrive at home, where she flashes to doing vodka shots with Deacon and kissing him Ridge caresses her shoulders and tells her they’re in this together. Brooke is scared – she has no idea what happened that night or how she made such a terrible mistake. She recalls waking up next to Deacon and gasps that she never wants to relapse again. “I don’t want to lose you.” Ridge vows that as long as they’re honest with each other they can face anything. Brooke looks guilty as he pulls her into an embrace. Ridge disposes of the alcohol and then tells his wife that she’s not only the hottest, but the most courageous woman he knows. She trusted him enough to tell him the truth. Brooke beats herself up about the relapse. Ridge assures her they will all help her and blames himself for not being there when she needed him. “I will never leave you again. What do you say to that?” They embrace.

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