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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge and Hope try to reassure her as she agonizes. She just doesn’t know what drove her to drink! Brooke can’t figure out why she couldn’t fight the urge and what made her slip up this time. Ridge asks, “And we’re sure that Deacon had nothing to do with this?” Hope insists she was there the entire night, he did nothing to rattle her. Brooke agrees; Deacon was fine. Ridge announces he wants to go to a meeting with her to. Hope worries she should have stayed that night, but Brooke reassures her. Ridge goes off to look up an AA meeting and Hope hugs her mother. “You’re not alone now.”
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy updates Taylor that Hope said Brooke was off after Ridge missed being at home New Year’s Eve. She has no idea what’s going on. Taylor figures if Hope is sensing something, upset or not, Ridge’s absence clearly triggered something in Brooke. Steffy says Ridge mentioned Brooke hasn’t been the same since he got back as well. Taylor muses that subconsciously or not, it sounds like she’s holding his absence against him. Steffy thinks it could be Deacon. His presence has caused so much grief – and her dad deserves better. Taylor hopes Brooke gets some support – and soon. Steffy fears if something’s going on with Brooke it will affect her dad. She’s glad Taylor’s back in town – it won’t be long until Ridge needs someone to lean on.
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At the cabin, Liam needles Bill for having his assistant do his shopping. Douglas comes in and says, “Hello, Dollar Bill,” before complaining that the wifi is down. Liam sends him outside to play. Bill tells Liam he’s there to support him. He wants to know if things are okay between him and Hope now that Deacon is back in her life. Liam muses that it hasn’t been easy, but he’s trying to be supportive of his wife. Bill predicts Hope will learn the hard way that wherever that conman Deacon goes, trouble follows.
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Hope enters as Bill is trashing Deacon’s name and asks to speak to her husband alone. Bill tells Liam he’s there for him when the inevitable happens, and leaves. Hope snarks that she doesn’t really care what Bill thinks is inevitable. Liam senses something is wrong, and she admits, “It’s my mother.” She explains that Brooke’s been on edge, and she walked in on her and Ridge having an intense conversation. Liam asks, “What’s going on?” Hope tells him, “She drank, Liam After we left that night my mom drank.” Liam’s stunned. Hope recaps that she doesn’t even know why she had the desire, but she opened up the vodka after they left. She’s mad at herself for not realizing her mother was vulnerable, but Liam protests that it’s not her responsibility. He’s relieved to hear that Ridge is being supportive. Hope’s still distressed and wants to figure out why it happened now. Douglas comes in and asks if everything is okay. Hope admits she’s sad regarding grandma, but it’s okay. Douglas blurts, “I saw grandma kissing Santa Claus.” Liam tells the boy, “Not now.”

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At the AA meeting, Brooke and Ridge listen to a man sharing the story of his recent near relapse. New faces are invited to speak and Brooke stands up. “My name is Brooke and I’m an alcoholic.” She confesses she had a relapse after being in recovery for a long time. “This kind of came out of nowhere.” Brooke recounts that she was drinking non-alcoholic champagne and wasn’t even thinking about the real stuff; it was a normal holiday. After everyone left, she learned her husband would be delayed, and that’s when it just… switched. “I just had this overwhelming feeling to drink real alcohol.” Brooke recalls pouring the vodka and slugging it back, almost like she’d already been drinking. The man running the meeting asks, “You said you were alone?” Brooke flashes to kissing Deacon and doing shots with him, and then to telling him they have to keep this a secret. “Alone?”

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