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At Brooke’s place, she tells Ridge something happened on New Year’s Eve. She flashes to drinking and kissing Deacon and sighs that she feels so guilty. Brooke doesn’t know how it happened and feels very ashamed, but she has to tell him what she did. Ridge assures her they’re in this together. Brooke needs to face it and says, “I slipped up. I relapsed. I drank on New Year’s Eve.” Ridge asks what happened. Brooke was disappointed about not being with him to ring in the New Year but she accepted it, or thought she had. She recalls drinking non-alcoholic champagne and feeling an overwhelming urge to drink real alcohol after everybody left. She breaks down. “It was over-powering.” Brooke cries that she pulled the vodka out and poured herself a glass, and then wanted more and more. She sobs in Ridge’s arms.
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In Taylor’s office, Sheila replays switching the champagne bottle labels in her mind. Taylor finishes her phone call and asks, “Sheila, where were you just now?” Sheila snaps out of it and says she was just feeling hopeful about the future. She adds that she wants to get help and will do whatever she has to do so she can be more involved in Finn’s life. Sheila believes that with Taylor’s help she can prove she’s not the same person anymore. Taylor explains she can’t take her on as a patient; there’s too much history between them. Sheila backtracks. “Of course.” She hands over a hand-knitted baby blanket and asks Taylor to pass it on. She’s determined to be a good mother to Finn and grandmother to Hayes.

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Taylor warns Sheila she has a long way to go to prove herself and whether or not she puts in the work is up to her. Sheila wants to earn her trust and heal old wounds. “I’m dedicated to becoming a kinder, more stable person.” Taylor is glad for everyone’s sake. She muses that Sheila may one day get to spend time with Finn and Hayes, but not now; not yet. Steffy and Finn have set very clear boundaries and she needs to respect their wishes. Sheila insists she understands why there needs to be constraints.
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Taylor talks about Sheila’s obsessive tendencies over the years, which always lead to a pattern of instability. She witnessed it firsthand when Sheila shot her. She’ll have to put in a huge amount of effort to prove herself. Sheila thanks her for believing she can accomplish it. “The fact that you believe I can make those changes, it speaks to your character and compassion. It’s something that Brooke would never have.” Taylor senses her anger toward Brooke and doesn’t want her causing trouble. She asks if she’s done anything to her and for a promise that she won’t lash out at the blonde. Sheila intones, “I promise.”

At Forrester Creations, Hope enters the office to find Finn and Steffy kissing. They talk about New Year’s Eve and Steffy relays that she knows her father couldn’t make it to celebrate with Brooke. Hope explains that Brooke isn’t upset with him at all. Finn senses she’s stressed and Steffy questions if something happened on New Year’s Eve they’re not aware of. Hope just feels something has been off with her mom since that night. She exits the office and stops to think back to Brooke saying Deacon can’t be in her life.

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In the office, Steffy and Finn muse that Brooke may have had a more interesting New Year’s Eve then they thought. Steffy’s just glad they didn’t have any unexpected guests – like Sheila.

Later, Taylor stops by to visit her CEO daughter and tells Steffy she just saw Eric in the hallway. She loves that Steffy is working alongside her father, grandfather and brother. They admire each other’s outfits and talk about doing lunch before Steffy reveals that Hope stopped by and seemed concerned about Brooke.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge asks her not to beat herself up over this; they’ll get through it. He asks about Deacon being part of the evening and questions, “Did something happen?” The worst decisions of her life have been because of Deacon. “Did he do something?” Just then, Hope comes in and takes in the vibe. Brooke admits that she drank on New Year’s Eve. “I had a relapse.” Hope gasps, “Oh mom,” but assures her it’s okay. Brooke says she’s sorry. Ridge wonders if this would have happened if Deacon hadn’t been here. Brooke pipes up that she’s the only one to blame. Hope and Ridge vow to help her through this. Brooke doesn’t want to lose Ridge and says she really regrets her actions. Hope says they all make mistakes. Brooke sighs, “You have no idea.” That night is going to haunt her forever, she tells them as she flashes to making a pact with Deacon to keep their secret forever.

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In her room, Sheila plans to prove to everyone that she’s a changed woman. She smirks, “As long as no one finds out what I did to Brooke on New Year’s.”

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