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At home, Brooke flashes to doing vodka shots and then waking up with Deacon as Hope comes in and interrupts her thoughts. Hope wants to know if Brooke can shed any light on why she hasn’t heard from her father. Brooke snaps that she has no idea. Hope chatters about Deacon and Liam having a good talk the other day, but Brooke stops her to say she’s no longer comfortable having him in this house. Hope’s stunned and asks what changed. Brooke replies that she’s always had reservations about their reunion. Hope figures that Ridge did or said something to bring this on. Brooke tells her, “It’s not Ridge, honey, it’s me.”
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Hope continues to question if Ridge made her mother feel bad about staying at home. Brooke protests; he’s been very patient and understanding. Hope can’t understand her about-face – they were all having a good time on New Year’s Eve. Brooke can’t risk alienating Ridge. If Hope wants Deacon in her life that’s up to her, but she can’t have his influence in hers. Hope won’t push this, but she saw them getting along and knows something isn’t right.
Brooke change B&B

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In her office, Taylor is surprised to get a visit from Sheila. Taylor asks why she showed up unannounced. Sheila thinks she probably has some idea why she’s there. “I know what you’re doing Taylor.” She marvels over the sympathy that the doctor is showing for her in giving her a chance – something her nemesis, Brooke, would never allow to happen. Taylor senses some resentment. Sheila doesn’t like the hard work she’s done on herself being completely ignored. She’s been trying to apologize and (through gritted teeth) exclaims that Brooke just won’t have it. Taylor asks about Sheila’s priorities. She wants to start over and make a better life for herself. New Year’s is about renewal. Sheila asks about Taylor’s New Year’s and fishes to find out if Ridge made it back to Brooke by midnight. Taylor says he didn’t, and Sheila chuckles, “That must have put a damper on Brooke’s evening.” She grins that if Brooke was by herself anything could have happened. Taylor doesn’t join in, so Sheila reminds her she hasn’t been nice to either of them. Taylor asks about Sheila’s New Year’s. Sheila muses that she had a couple sips of champagne and got to work on some resolutions. Taylor gets a call and Sheila decides she’ll wait. As she talks, Sheila flashes to switching Brooke’s champagne and smugly smiles to herself.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge questions Taylor’s decision to invite Sheila over to Steffy’s house. Steffy and Thomas explain her reasoning and the brunette exclaims about how hard it was to hand Hayes over to the woman. Ridge worries about the consequences – you can’t give Sheila an inch! Steffy recaps that nobody was happy about Sheila being in the house, but she trusts her mom. Ridge exclaims that Sheila is crazy – at this point, she probably thinks she’s friends with Taylor. They debate whether they can control the psychotic Sheila. Steffy opines that she didn’t get away with anything, but Ridge disagrees – she got into her house. After more discussion, Ridge concedes that Taylor may have made the right call. Talk turns to Ridge missing New Year’s and he observes that Brooke hasn’t been the same since he got home. Steffy wonders what she plans to do about Deacon. Ridge grunts and says he’ll see them later before walking out. Steffy tells Thomas that their father wouldn’t have reason to be worried if he wasn’t with Brooke. She can’t help but hope that their father will wake up and realize he could be living a drama-free life with their mom.
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In her living room, Brooke contemplates the bottle of vodka amidst more flashbacks. Ridge comes in and wants to talk about New Year’s Eve – she hasn’t been the same since he got back, so he wanted to apologize for not being there with her. Brooke wishes he’d been there, more than he knows, but she doesn’t blame him, she blames herself. She loses all sense of stability when he’s not around. Ridge suggests they do some travelling, but Brooke balks. Ridge asks, “What is it? What’s wrong?” Brooke assures him, “It’s not you, Ridge. Not at all.” He asks if something happened. “You can tell me anything.” Brooke wants to share with him, but she needs to come to terms with it. She sighs, “You’re right, something did happen on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know how it went so wrong.” Ridge urges, “Tell me.” Brooke recounts that she was having a great time, and ended up alone. “You’re going to be disappointed with me, I know, because I’m disappointed in myself. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I need to.” She was looking forward to being with him and she messed up. “I messed up,” she sniffs, “And you need to know Ridge”

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