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At home, Brooke looks at the alcohol display as she flashes back to her night… and morning with Deacon. She wonders, “Why did I drink again?”

In her room, Sheila flashes to messing with Brooke’s champagne bottle and mutters that the blonde will never keep her away from Finn.

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At the cabin, Douglas recalls watching Brooke kiss Deacon in the Santa hat and tells Liam he saw grandma kissing Santa Claus. Liam corrects that the song is actually “mommy” kissing Santa Claus and rushes the child off to the other room. Deacon shows up to see Hope and explains to Liam that he saw her heading to the main house, but must wait for her to come back to the cabin to speak to her. Liam sees the children off and Deacon tells him the one thing they have in common is their love for Hope. Liam doesn’t see much point in the two of them talking. Deacon understands he’s worried that he’ll hurt Hope again, and he likes that he’s looking out for her. Liam muses that Hope makes her own choices but if he sees heartache around the corner, he’s going to say something. Deacon claims he’s changed because of Hope writing letters to him and placing her faith in him that he could be a better person. He’d like Liam to give him a chance. Liam muses, “Like Brooke’s trying to do.” He admits he was surprised Brooke invited Deacon to New Year’s Eve. Deacon recaps that there were a lot of surprises that night.
Liam, Deacon door B&B

At Forrester Creations, Carter recaps the kiss with Paris and points out that she’s smart and sweet. He just wanted to give her a heads up about the proposal as a way of being there for her as a friend. “That’s what we are, right?” he asks. Paris still can’t believe that Zende was going to propose. Carter thinks it was kind of her not to let him have his proposal rejected and can understand why he’s so into her.
carter recaps kiss paris B&B

In Brooke’s living room, Ridge interrupts Brooke’s flashbacks to say he wants to hear all about her New Year’s Eve. Hope comes in and wonders if he really wants to know – it was one of the craziest ever! She then tells Ridge that they were actually all gone before midnight and assures him he was missed by her mom. Ridge asks if Deacon was on his best behavior. Brooke cryptically replies that the night wasn’t the same without Ridge there and says, “I missed you so much.”
hope happy new year B&B

Hope returns to the cabin and Liam fills her in on his “good” talk with Deacon. Hope’s thrilled. Liam admits there’s one thing they have in common – they love her. Hope is grateful that Liam is trying. Talk turns to Taylor’s return. Hope finds the timing curious since she came back right when Ridge and her mom are dealing with Deacon. Liam discusses Deacon being an issue for Ridge – he doesn’t think they should push her father on Ridge too much; it could backfire.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon flashes through the events with Brooke on New Year’s Eve and thinks of the kiss they shared.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge senses something is going on with her and asks if Deacon did something to upset her. Brooke claims she didn’t sleep well – she’s not herself when he’s gone. Ridge apologizes and hugs her. He vows they’ll be together next New Year’s, and that he won’t let Deacon break them up. Suddenly, he gets a call from the prince and rushes off. Brooke picks up her phone and calls Deacon to exclaim over her relapse. Deacon urges her to go to her meetings and stop torturing herself. Brooke wants to be honest with Ridge, but she doesn’t want to lose the man she loves. Deacon urges her to get it together. Brooke will be haunted forever by the kiss and insists they need to keep it a secret forever. Deacon agrees, “Forever.”
Brooke, Ridge booze B&B

In her room, Sheila recalls Brooke threatening her and laughs, “Oh Brooke, you’re always so sure of yourself.” But after her handiwork last night, she has a sneaking suspicion Brooke’s world is already starting to fall apart.

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In her living room, Brooke stares horrified at the booze and party decorations from the night before and starts to cry. Picking up the bottle of vodka, she tearfully pours it into a nearby plant.
Brooke alcohol B&B

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