Brooke hugs Ridge and cries BB
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Ridge flies home on his jet and texts Brooke that he’ll be there soon and can’t wait to see her. His plane finally lands and he grabs his briefcase and heads out.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke doesn’t see Ridge’s text as her phone is left by the empty bottles of alcohol downstairs.

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At Sheila’s place, Sheila smiles thinking about what she’s done to Brooke.

Brooke wakes up in bed, turns over, and sees Deacon laying there. He looks at her and says, “Morning sunshine!” She immediately freaks out, and he insists it’s not what it looks like. He was above the sheets, and he put her to bed. He promises nothing happened. Brooke’s head is pounding, and she remembers drinking.

They head downstairs, where Brooke is confused as she was drinking non-alcoholic champagne. He reminds her of the vodka shots, and she suddenly realizes they kissed. He confirms they did. She says he needs to leave, but he again swears nothing else happened. He explains he must have fallen asleep next to her after carrying her to bed, and they did nothing wrong. Brooke says she did and he will be a constant reminder of what she’s done. She hears a car pull up, knowing it’s Ridge, and begs Deacon to go. He quickly slips out the back.

Brooke tells Deacon to leave BB

Ridge enters and he and Brooke embrace. They sit down, and Ridge fills her in on the party and how happy the prince was. As he talks, Brooke zones out and thinks about what happened the night before. He notices tears in her eyes and asks what is going on. She tells him she’s just thinking about everything that happened this past year and how much she loves him. They kiss and embrace again. Ridge knows they have a great year ahead of them, and together they can face Sheila, Deacon and anything else. He wishes her a Happy New Year and they kiss. Ridge asks what’s under her robe, and she admits it was a surprise if he had gotten home in time. He thinks he should take a shower and then find out what’s going on under there. He excuses himself, and Brooke continues to remember drinking vodka and kissing Deacon. She wonders what she’s done, walks over to the alcohol, and grasps the bottle of vodka. She doesn’t understand why she drank again.

Brooke welcomes Ridge home BB

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Deacon heads to Il Giardino for some coffee and asks the bartender about his non-alcoholic champagne. He is given a bottle and tastes it as Sheila spies. She eventually approaches him, and he reminds her that they aren’t supposed to be seeing one another. She thinks she arrived just in time as he’s drinking, but he says it’s non-alcoholic. She asks about his New Year’s Eve, and he fills her in on being with Brooke and the family while Ridge was away. Sheila thinks that is nice and assumes Brooke finally loosened up and let her hair down. She fills Deacon in on seeing Taylor, who she can’t believe is sticking up for her and allowing her to see Finn and Hayes. Deacon notes it is surprising giving she shot Taylor. Sheila asks again about spending time with Brooke, but he says he went to see his daughter. She wonders if he will continue to let Brooke tell him what to do. She calls Brooke bad news and asks what really happened. Deacon swears nothing happened and walks off with his head hung in shame. Sheila smiles. She knows Deacon and Brooke did something last night, and gleefully celebrates that Brooke’s life is about to be reduced to shambles

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At Forrester Industries, Carter finds Paris lost in thoughts. He tells her that they should talk about what happened last night. Paris thinks people kiss on New Year’s Eve, but he tells her to stop. She admits he’s right to question the kiss, and she was still in a bit of shock because things were just moving so fast with Zende. Carter understands and she calls him the most caring person she knows. Carter doesn’t want to complicate things as she’s a friend, and so is Zende.

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