Brooke and Deacon get drunk BB
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At the Forrester mansion, Deacon listens in as Ridge calls Brooke and says he might not be home due to the weather. She asks him to keep her posted. Deacon checks on Brooke, who knocks over her bottle of champagne. He offers to stay given he’s alone too. She thinks he’s had too much to drink, but he points out she’s the one stumbling. He asks if she’s been drinking. She says she hasn’t, but maybe just one toast should be allowed. She grabs the vodka and pours a drink. Deacon calls this a bad idea, but she accuses him of being a downer. She takes a shot and asks if he’ll join her. He agrees since she’s in, and they begin downing shots.

Ridge calls from the plane BB

Deacon finds a Santa hat and puts it on and calls himself Deacon Claus. Brooke puts some happy new year shades on him and pours them more shots. Deacon admits he used to dream of being a part of Hope and her life just like this and it reminds her how great they were together. They think about their passion when making love, and Brooke gets a little hot and bothered. She thinks she should have cut him off. Deacon tells her how much he thought about her, about what they shared, about what could happen between them while he was in prison.

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At her apartment, Sheila enjoys her champagne and thinks about sabotaging Brooke’s non-alcoholic bottle. She wishes Brooke a happy new year, saying 2022 is going to be a bitch!

Sheila celebrates BB

At the cliff house, Steffy, Finn, Thomas, Taylor, and the kids wait to ring in the new year. Steffy asks her mom if she’s spoken to her dad, but Taylor hasn’t. They hold a pretend count down to send the kids to bed early. Kelly sees the cactus from Sheila, touches it and cries out to her mother, who gives Taylor a dirty look.

Steffy New Years BB

Finn puts the kids down and reads Kelly a story. Steffy asks her mom if she and Sheila are BFFs now. Taylor wants Sheila to get better but feels it’s best to keep an eye on her. Taylor wishes Douglas was there, but he’s with Hope.

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Ridge calls Steffy, who puts her dad on speaker. He tells Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas that he won’t make it home in time to ring in 2022. Later, Taylor breaks out the cards to play so they can stay awake until midnight. Steffy and Thomas think she should be spending more time with their dad. Steffy indicates that Brooke will show her true cards before long, and Thomas suggests their dad may realize he has another, better option.

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At Il Giardino, after Paris gets Carter’s warning text, she suggests to Zende they get the check. He refuses and points out another couple feeding each other cake and indicates he looks forward to a future like theirs. Paris uses the couple to talk about how lucky they are to be young and uncommitted, and how they have so much life to live. She goes on to say these are exciting times as they have their careers and independence, and they should enjoy each other and the year to come.

Zende proposed to Paris BB

Paris turns up at Forrester and thanks Carter for the text. She hinted enough in a kind and loving way to keep Zende from proposing. She never wanted to hurt him and cries she’s so confused. Carter holds her and tells her that it’s okay. They then lean in for a kiss.

At the cottage, Douglas wakes up and can’t find his stuffed rabbit. Liam helps him look, and Douglas thinks he left it at grandma’s. Liam suggests he try another stuffed animal just for the night. Later, Douglas wakes up and runs out of the cottage.

Douglas looks in the window of the mansion and sees Brooke with a man in a Santa hat. Deacon tells Brooke that he never stopped loving her and pulls her into a kiss. Douglas smiles watching his grandma kissing Santa Claus.

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