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Ridge calls Brooke from his plane and says he told the prince he had to be home to celebrate 2022 with his wife, and he’ll see her soon.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila spies on Deacon as he speaks to the bartender about the last delivery he has to make, which is for Brooke. Sheila sneaks in when the coast is clear and switches Brooke’s non-alcoholic bottle of champagne with the one she tampered with.

sheila switches champagne bottles BB

At another table, Zende orders himself and Paris incredibly expensive champagne. Paris thinks he’s insane, but he wants to show her how grateful he is to have her in his life and future. He excuses himself to take care of something.

Hope, Liam and the kids arrive at the Forrester mansion for the New Year’s festivities. Hope thanks her mom again for allowing Deacon to be a part of the celebration. The man from the restaurant knocks on the door and delivers Brooke’s champagne. She tells Hope that she tried this non-alcohol champagne before and it tastes like the real thing. She offers some to Liam and Hope, but they say one glass of the real thing is enough for them.

Deacon arrives, and thanks Brooke for inviting him. Hope offers Deacon a glass of real champagne and Liam toasts to a happy, healthy, and peaceful future with them all. Later, Hope and Liam decide to retire early with the kids, and Hope hugs her father goodbye. Deacon again thanks Brooke for her support, claiming he’s a new man and is grateful to her.

At the cliff house, a shirtless Finn asks Steffy which shirt he should wear tonight. She suggests neither as they still have time before others arrive, and the two kiss. After making love, the two slip into their evening attire. Steffy is looking forward to the evening they should have had on Christmas Eve. She knows Sheila is Finn’s mother, but she wouldn’t mind not seeing her for a long time.

Shirtless Finn and Steffy in love BB

At Forrester Industries, Quinn runs into Carter and mentions Zende’s big plans for Paris tonight. She reveals Zende asked her to design an engagement ring and plans to propose, and she asks Carter to act surprised when he sees it as it’s a secret. After Quinn departs, Carter tries to contact Paris to warn her and sends her a text.

Carter and Quinn dance around each other BB

Back at the restaurant, Paris gets the warning text from Carter as Zende returns. Zende tells her how lucky he feels to have her in his life, and wants to make sure she’s in his future forever.

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At her office, Taylor goes over her schedule with her assistant and is told someone is there to see her. Sheila enters, and thanks Taylor again for talking Steffy into allowing her to see her son and grandson for the holidays. She brought her a cactus plant as thanks. Sheila hopes she has a great New Year’s and perhaps she’ll get to see Ridge. Taylor explains he’s out of town so won’t be spending the holiday with either of his families.

sheila meets with taylor BB

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Taylor arrives at the cliff house with the cactus from Sheila. She tells Finn and Steffy that Sheila dropped by to thank her again for inviting her over on Christmas Eve.

Finn, Steffy and Taylor get ready for 2022 BB

At her place, Sheila again compares the alcoholic and non-alcohol champagnes and can’t even taste the difference. She hopes Brooke is enjoying her bubbly and has a happy New Year.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Deacon returns having forgotten his phone. Brooke is still drinking and in her bathrobe. Deacon notes he has a little buzz and thinks he should have had the non-alcoholic stuff. Deacon locates his phone and before he leaves, he overhears Ridge call Brooke with bad news. There is a mechanical problem and a storm on the way, which has grounded them. Brooke was looking forward to the time with him, and can’t believe she’ll be alone on New Year’s. Deacon looks on.

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