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At Il Giardino, Sheila looks at a champagne bottle and thinks about Brooke threatening to keep her away from Steffy, Finn and Hayes. She vows to put a stop to her nemesis. Sheila grabs the bottle and predicts Brooke will have a very festive New Year’s Eve.

Sheila returns to her apartment with two bottles of champagne. She pours boiling water into a pan and soaks a bottle of champagne and a non-alcoholic bottle in the water to loosen the labels. She then carefully switches them to place the non-alcoholic label on the alcoholic bottle. Sheila takes a swig of the non-alcoholic stuff and thinks it’s not too bad. She then drinks the real stuff and says Brooke won’t know the difference. She smiles as she says she’s heard the holidays are supposed to be especially difficult for alcoholics.

sheila switches labels on brooke's wine B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke welcomes Ridge home with a passionate kiss, calling it a preview for New Year’s Eve. Ridge informs her that something has come up and he has to leave town for the royal ball. Brooke points out it is a holiday, but he has some last-minute details to attend to. He wants to bring her with him and show her off, thinking the trip could be exciting. She reminds him how wild these parties can be, especially with all the drinking. He promises not to drink as a show of solidarity. Brooke loves the idea of a spontaneous trip, but she was looking forward to ringing in the New Year with Hope and the kids. Ridge understands, and Brooke insists he go to the ball as he put so much work into the gowns.

Brooke and Ridge holiday embrace B&B

Brooke tells Ridge about how Taylor invited Sheila over to Steffy’s for Christmas. Ridge assumes she was evaluating her mental state. Brooke admits to running into Sheila while picking up a non-alcoholic bottle of champagne at Il Giardino and warned her she wouldn’t let her be a part of Steffy, Finn or Hayes’ lives. Ridge doesn’t like the idea of leaving her alone with Sheila and Deacon out there. He decides to talk to the Prince and work something out so he can be home early in time to ring in the New Year with her. She loves the idea and says she’ll be waiting for him. They kiss.

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In the design room at Forrester, Zende looks at a ring and says it’s beautiful, just like Paris.

In Carter’s office, Paris confers with him about some year-end financial reports seeing he volunteered to be her investment guy. As they discuss New Year’s, Zende enters and reveals to Paris that he’s been planning something special for the two of them for the holiday. He’s already arranged a table for them at Il Giardino, followed by a night of surprises back at home. Zende has to run to a design meeting but will stop by later to pick her up. He leaves, and Carter wonders what surprises Zende has in store for Paris.

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Paris admits to Carter that she’s not looking for anything from Zende more than dating, especially not a big commitment. Carter asks if she thinks Zende wants to get more serious. She doubts he wants to propose as they haven’t been together that long, and they are both still young. Paris wants to keep things more casual, and hopes it doesn’t make her a bad person. Carter says it doesn’t, but she should tell Zende how she feels.

Carter is happy B&B

Zende goes back to his office and keeps looking at the ring.

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