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Deacon is hard at work at the restaurant when Brooke swings by. She sees him taking out a bottle of booze and he immediately says it isn’t what it looks like. He’s not bartending, he’s just covering for a co-worker who had a baby. Excitedly, Deacon asks how Brooke’s Christmas was, adding before she can answer that his was “off the charts awesome.” Why? Because he got to hang out a bit with Hope. Brooke says that things at the big house went well, too, and that it was fun seeing it through the eyes of Beth and Douglas. “Christmas is all about the children,” she says contentedly, and they joke about Eric’s “high-octane eggnog.”

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Brooke says the reason she swung by is that Eric served a non-alcoholic champagne at Christmas. As an entering Sheila eavesdrops, Deacon breaks out a bottle of the bubbly in question and says how popular it is with the non-drinking crowd. He only has one bottle, and it’s spoken for, but he says he can have one delivered to her for New Year’s Eve. (Since when do bars sell bottles of booze… and arrange delivery? Is BoozeHub the new GrubHub? And… er… can I get their number?) Deacon says it’s the least he can do since she has had so much faith in him. As he’s gushing, his face goes pale and he mutters “Oh no” as Sheila enters.

Sheila says she’s there to spread a little holiday good will, but Brooke counters that her former gal pal is only interested in “spreading chaos and your own special brand of crazy.” Sheila asks if Brooke got a lump of coal in her stocking, saying Brooke’s being nastier than usual. Brooke wants to know what’s going on and why Sheila is hanging around at the place he works. The look on Sheila’s face makes it clear she can’t wait to hear how he talks his way out of this situation.

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Deacon points out it’s a public establishment and he can’t control what Sheila does. Sheila takes offense to the suggestion that being around her would mess up Deacon’s upward trajectory. Increasingly upset, she says Brooke isn’t going to dictate her life, including where she goes and who she sees. “Deacon is my friend,” insists Sheila. Before he can speak for himself, Brooke declares that he can’t have Sheila in his life because she’s a negative influence. Deacon admits it’s better if he and Sheila don’t see each other. Sheila points out that while Brooke has always looked down at her, she’s not a better person. “I’m a registered nurse. I put myself through school. I made something of myself. What did you do? You just slept your way up and down the Forrester ladder.” Brooke counters that Sheila knows that’s not true, that she went to collage and became a chemist, making millions for Forrester after creating the BeLieF formula.

Sheila doesn’t get why Ridge would “want to spend his life with an alcoholic slut” when he could be with Taylor and his kids. Then, she breaks out “Stephanie Forrester’s words: Once a slut from the Valley, always a slut from the Valley!” Brooke calls the brunette certifiable and insane. “I’ve made mistakes,” Sheila concedes, saying she’s trying to make amends for her past and asking why Brooke can’t be more like Taylor. (Oh no she didn’t!) Upon finding out that Taylor invited Sheila over on Christmas Eve, Brooke doesn’t buy it. But Sheila eventually convinces her it’s true. Stunned, Brooke says that while Taylor may have “opened the door a crack, I’m going to make sure that I slam that door, lock it and throw away the key!” Brooke goes on to say that she’s going to make sure Sheila doesn’t come anywhere near her family, “especially Steffy, Finn and Hayes.” (You’d think maybe she’d include Hope and her kin, but guess not!) As things ramp up, Deacon tries getting the women to go to their respective corners, but to no avail. Brooke vows to make sure Ridge sides with her and works to keep Sheila away from his other family. Seeing the progress she’s made slipping away, Sheila lowers her voice, begging Brooke to show some compassion and mercy. But Brooke’s having none of it, vowing to “make certain that you are out of all of our lives, once and for all.”

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Over at Forrester Creations, Steffy and Paris reflect on how amazing Christmas at Eric’s house was. They also discuss Taylor’s return and how nice it is to have the whole family back in town. “I got the best Christmas gift,” Steffy adds, because Taylor said she would be sticking around. The only downside to the holiday? Sheila’s visit. As Steffy says she doesn’t trust Sheila, but does trust Taylor’s reason for inviting the loon, a breathless Zende enters, saying he’s been looking everywhere for Paris. “Charlie put out an APB,” he jokes. “There are men searching the building as we speak!”

Zende tells Paris that he wants them to spend New Year’s Eve together, promising that his plans will be epic. Steffy wants more of a hint, but his lips are zipped. As he rushes off to meet with a mysterious someone, Steffy laughs to Paris that her cousin is clearly very into her. “I haven’t seen him so wrapped up like this with anyone,” says the co-CEO, adding that she can’t wait to see what Zende has in store for New Year’s Eve. At that very moment, Zende is visiting Quinn to pick up the stunning ring she made for him to give to Paris. Zende tells Quinn he’s not sure if Paris realizes he’s about to propose. “I’m certain she’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” he insists, adding that he “has to believe that Paris feels the same way about me.”

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Brooke returns home to find a delivery has been made, including a bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Sheila is ranting and raving about how awful Brooke is. “How do I stop her? How do I put her in her place?” she asks herself before picking up the bottle of non-alcoholic champagne and declaring, “This is how I stop Brooke. And it all starts New Year’s Eve… “

As the final days of the year wind down, join us in looking back at everything that went on over on Bold & Beautiful‘s sister soap, The Young and the Restless — metaphorical birth place, you’ll recall, of Sheila Carter — in 2021. We’ll be rolling out Year In Review sections for each soap all week… check back on Thursday for the one dedicated to the Forresters and their antics!

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