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In the cabin, Liam shows Kelly how to wrap and Hope tells Douglas that Santa comes after their fast asleep – just like their sister Beth in the other room. Douglas realizes it’s Hayes’ first Christmas. The wrapping continues and Hope credits the children with choosing gifts for the less fortunate. Douglas and Kelly head up to the main house for cookies as Hope and Liam beam.
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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn mark Hayes’ first Christmas with an ornament on the tree and canoodle. Steffy says this is her favorite holiday season, especially now that her mother is home. Finn looks downcast. Steffy’s sorry that Sheila can’t be a part of their celebration. Finn understands.
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Deacon arrives at Sheila’s hotel room with a Christmas gift for her. She asks about his plans. He’s hopeful he’ll spend time with Hope and Beth this holiday season. Deacon asks if Sheila heard back from Finn. She admits, “No. Not even an emoji.” Deacon knows that’s gotta hurt. Sheila’s sure that Taylor’s given her two cents now that she’s back. She decides she’s not done and video calls Finn.
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At the cliff house, Steffy sees that Sheila’s calling and tells Finn to answer it. Taylor lurks into the room as Sheila asks if it’s too much to ask to see her son on Christmas. Steffy says, in this case, it is. Finn tells Sheila it’s not going to happen. “Have a good holiday,” he says, and then disconnects.

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In her hotel room, Sheila’s stunned at Finn hanging up and wonders how she’s supposed to have a good holiday. Deacon’s heart goes out to her. Sheila can’t understand what’s wrong with Steffy. She angrily snarls that she doesn’t want his pity. Deacon just feels bad; he doesn’t see Finn stepping up for time with him. Sheila fumes about the way she’s being treated and warns she doesn’t want to hear that he’s been invited to the Forrester mansion. Deacon’s seeing Hope at the cabin and urges Sheila to keep the faith that her situation will turn around in time. Sheila rants that she’s not the same person any longer – if Steffy would just give her a chance to prove that… Now that Taylor’s back giving her professional opinion – she may never get to see Finn.

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In the cabin, Hope looks forward to Christmas at the Forrester mansion and Liam is glad their children will be able to experience that. Talk turns to Deacon and Hope relays that she has every intention of seeing her father over the holidays. She explains that she and Deacon have already worked out a plan – he’ll come over before they go to Eric’s. Hope doesn’t expect Liam to be there. He just didn’t want her to get hurt and changes the subject to a small pre-Christmas gift he has for her. Liam wants to pay tribute to her and explains how Christmas brings her most beautiful attributes to the forefront of his brain. He pulls out a gift bag. Inside, is a gold sunflower necklace engraved with Beth and Douglas’ names. She loves it. They kiss.
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At the cliff house, Taylor joins Finn and Steffy, as her daughter goes to see to Hayes. Taylor asks her son-in-law how he feels about Sheila and the holidays. “What do you want?” Finn shrugs, “It doesn’t matter.” Taylor advises, “It most certainly does.” Steffy reappears and Taylor tells her Finn isn’t fine with the decision about Sheila and there are complex emotions involved. She thinks they should seriously consider inviting Sheila over for Christmas. Steffy, flabbergasted, gawps, “What?!?” She reminds her mother, “She shot you!” Taylor feels there are other factors at play and she doesn’t think it’s healthy for Finn to deny the feelings he has for the woman who gave birth to her. Steffy complains that Sheila is unstable. Taylor counters, “That is why we have to handle the situation carefully.” She believes the first step is to invite Sheila over for Christmas Eve. Steffy reiterates that the woman is a psychopath who shot her. Taylor explains herself again and urges them just to open the door a little bit. She wants to look Sheila in the eye – she’ll know if she’s reformed or if she’s as dangerous as ever.
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In Sheila’s hotel room, Deacon hopes things work out for her and Finn. Sheila admits she was hoping for a miracle; something to warm Steffy’s cold heart and let her see her son for just one day. Her phone rings. She gasps, “It’s him.” She answers and Finn and Steffy tell her they’ve changed their minds. They explain Taylor convinced them to invite her over to Christmas Eve. Sheila chokes up, “You’re not joking right? You wouldn’t do that to me.” Steffy confirms that she can come over and spend time with Finn tomorrow. Sheila gasps, “Thank Taylor for me. And thank you, Steffy. I’m going to get to spend my first Christmas with my son.”

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