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At the cliff house, Taylor wonders if she heard Brooke right. “You want to be friends?” Brooke feels there’s no reason for them to be competitive anymore; they should follow in their daughters’ footsteps and make peace. “Can we be friends?” Brooke recaps that the Steffy and Hope tug-of-war over Liam is done for good this time. “I don’t see why we can’t do the same.” Talk turns to the grandchildren and Taylor keeping in touch with Douglas. It’s been hard for her knowing Douglas has been getting more hugs from the boy than from his grandmother. Brooke says she tucked him into bed last night. Taylor’s dismayed that he wasn’t with his father if Hope and Liam went out. She thinks he should be with Thomas more. “What do you think?” Brooke thinks it’s important for children to have a relationship with their father. This brings them to Brooke supporting Hope and Deacon. Taylor understands why Ridge has a huge issue with him. Brooke assures her they’ll work through it. Taylor eyes her and muses, “I hope you do.”

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Taylor notes that Brooke and Ridge have become experts at navigating the challenges in marriage – they had obstacles from the beginning. Taylor and Brooke share a heartfelt moment remembering Stephanie, who was strong, stubborn and opinionated. Brooke recalls she always thought Taylor was the one and only woman for Ridge. Taylor says she just wanted him to be happy. Brooke replies, “Until she realized he was.” She swerves the conversation to what’s next for Taylor. “Where and when is your next adventure?” Taylor hasn’t made any plans yet but thinks she’s going to stay. Brooke muses, “You have a lot of memories here, Taylor.” Taylor thanks her for coming by – she’s learned something about forgiveness and letting go. They reflect on how lucky they are and Brooke invites Taylor to join them at Eric’s. Taylor appreciates it, but she’ll be with her family. As Brooke makes a move to leave, Taylor answers her question as to whether they can be friends, and says, “I’d like to think we can.”
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge assures Steffy that his memories of the old days are good, but he’s going to make up with Brooke. They’ll get through this no matter what Deacon throws at them. Finn arrives and Steffy enthuses about her mom’s return making the holidays that much better. She wants her children to really know Taylor and that’s why she’s hoping she’ll stick around. Steffy wonders if Ridge has encouraged her to do so. Ridge thinks she’ll make up her own mind.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila thinks Deacon must be giddy that Ridge’s ex-wife is back in the picture. Deacon scoffs, “Come on.” Sheila concludes that he wants Brooke so bad he won’t even let himself think about it. She needles, “Taylor could be the key to making this happen.” Deacon denies wanting Brooke’s marriage to implode and teases Sheila about being on the naughty list. She turns serious and admits this is the first Christmas she’d be able to spend with her son – it’s the only gift she wants. Deacon muses that she doesn’t seem like the festive type to him. Sheila reveals the holidays are painful for her and waxes on about all the missed special occasions with Finn as he grew up. Deacon references her outing herself to him on his wedding day. She just wishes Steffy could be a little kinder. Deacon doesn’t see it happening. Sheila snaps at him. She’s convinced Finn won’t let her be alone on the holiday, but Deacon points out he doesn’t make the guest list at the Forrester compound and reminds her she shot Steffy’s mother. Undeterred, Sheila decides to text Finn and let him know she wants to see him over the holidays.
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At Forrester Creations, Finn admits to Steffy that he may ask her mom for some help with his wrapping. Just then, he gets a text and his expression changed. Steffy realizes, “It’s Sheila isn’t it? What does she want?” Finn says she’d like to see him at Christmas. Steffy groans. She knows this is complicated for him, but her mother is in town and the last thing she should be thinking about is the woman who shot her! Finn understands, it’s not something he wants to think about either.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon bicker about which of them will be invited to spend Christmas with their kids. Sheila has to keep trying with Finn. Deacon’s concerned she’ll end up having a blue Christmas. Sheila leans on his shoulder dejectedly.

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