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At Il Giardino, Deacon orders a non-alcoholic beers as Sheila sneers about him being all good for Hope and Brooke. Deacon wanted to see her there because he knew if he went to her hotel room she’d try to sleep with him. He declares he has news – big news. Sheila learns the person is a woman as Deacon teases, “Who is the one woman who hates you more than Steffy.” Sheila looks grim as Deacon confirms, “Taylor. Taylor is back.” Sheila fumes that Steffy’s now going to have her mother in her ear making things worse. “My God… this is all I need.” Deacon muses, “Karma’s a bitch.”

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Sheila marvels at the inroads that Deacon has made, while she can’t even see Finn because of his wife. Deacon adds,”And now Steffy’s got mommy for back up. Good luck with that.” Sheila looks into the distance and whispers that Steffy needs to stop standing in her way. Sheila figures that Deacon loves Taylor being back as it could put a crack in Brooke’s marriage. “You know this is an opportunity for you.” Deacon grits, “Not everyone is always working an angle, Sheila.” Sheila envies him; he has a chance to build something, but now that Taylor’s back in the game, it’s going to make her that much harder to see her son.

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At the cliff house, Steffy watches her parents embrace and eventually joins them in the house. Taylor assures her daughter she plans to stay and Steffy gushes that this right here is the best visual she can imagine – both of them smiling. They go over Brooke supporting Deacon being in the house and Ridge just wanting to keep everyone safe. Steffy and Taylor are sorry he’s having to deal with this. Taylor advises Steffy, that since they’re sharing, she just told her father she will always love him. Steffy’s pleased to hear it and Taylor ruminates that she’s learning to speak her truth and teach others to do the same. She says Ridge gave her many happy years and memories she’ll have for the rest of her life. Taylor assures him he’s just going through a rough patch with Brooke and adds, “I just want you to be happy, Ridge.”
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At home, Brooke tells Katie that Taylor’s back in town and it’s terrible timing – there’s so much tension. Katie muses, “You mean with Deacon.” She asks if Taylor’s going to be sticking around. Brooke says it’s anyone’s guess. She reflects that they’ve had their differences through the years, but she has no ill will toward her. They agree it’s relatable to want to be with your children at Christmas. Brooke just worries about the timing. Katie’s sure she and Ridge will overcome this impasse, but Brooke frets that he’s already walked out on her a few times! Katie thinks it’s normal to become frustrated, and feels Brooke is trying to do a tough balancing act between Ridge and Hope. It couldn’t hurt to honor his feelings more, however, especially with Taylor back in town.
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Taylor is sitting in Steffy’s kitchen alone when Brooke comes through the door and says, “Well, well, well… look who’s back in town.” They make polite conversation about Taylor’s long flight. Brooke is surprised to see her there. Taylor doesn’t understand why – her children live there. Brooke wonders about her work. Taylor explains it’s kept her very busy. Brooke questions her being alone for an extended period of time. Taylor sighs, “What are you getting at Brooke?” She figures the blonde is trying to figure out if she’s dating someone and says she hasn’t had time.
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“I don’t need a man to define me,” Taylor informs Brooke. She found happiness and fulfillment in herself. Taylor assures she still needs Steffy, Thomas and Ridge. The important thing is that her kids are happy. Brooke muses, “They are,” and recaps that Steffy found Finn. The conversation turns to Sheila being Steffy’s mother-in-law. Taylor agrees that’s the only downside, but at least she’s not in their lives. Brooke observes that Steffy moved on from Liam and Hope’s happy. Taylor muses that Hope’s a winner, “Just like you, Brooke.” Brooke figures that Taylor’s still bitter and says she’s trying to extend an olive branch. “It would be nice to be friends. Do you think it’s possible after all these years of being at each other’s throats?”
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Ridge work with a model. Once she’s left the office, Ridge marvels at Steffy’s energy. She attributes it to getting to go home and be with her mom. Talk turns to Taylor encouraging them to speak their truth. Steffy tells Ridge she hates that Brooke disrespects him and she wonders if he ever thinks about what life could have been like with her mom.

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