Ridge, Taylor embrace B&B
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At the cliff house, Ridge tells Taylor he walked out on Brooke again; he needed to clear his head. Taylor asks, “And you wound up here?” Ridge complains that Deacon walks in the house whenever he wants and Brooke defends him. He doesn’t want his wife getting sucked into this vortex, and whatever he does makes it worse. Ridge rants about Deacon the drunk living in a bar. Brooke and Hope want to feel sorry for him. Taylor can see this has taken a toll on Ridge, who is just glad he has someone to talk to – someone who understands him. Taylor teases that he’s not her patient. Ridge thinks she did a great job with Thomas; she’s good at listening and at a lot of things. He smiles. Taylor tells him she’s missed that smile. Ridge thinks now that she’s back, perhaps he’ll smile a lot more. She wonders what she can do to help. Ridge asks if she can make Deacon disappear. Taylor pretends to try, and Ridge laughs that she was always terrible with magic. Taylor and Ridge then share a close moment as she says she’s missed her family and Ridge assures her they’re right there and not going anywhere.

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In Brooke’s living room, Hope tells Deacon she should go up and see to her mom. Deacon muses that this whole thing is happening because Ridge can’t get Brooke to see him as he does. That has to be a bitter pill to swallow. Hope wishes Ridge could understand the damage he’s doing by digging his heels in. Deacon assures his daughter he didn’t want to cause problems.
Deacon, Hope B&B

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Brooke comes downstairs and Deacon asks if she’s okay. Brooke explains that Ridge isn’t answering her calls and wonders where he could be. She hates that he left again. Deacon feels it’s because of him and Hope reiterates that he won’t be able to stop them from having a relationship. Brooke interjects that he’s doing the best he can; it’s a difficult situation for him. Hope feels Brooke is bending over backward to be fair. Talk turns to Taylor being back in town. Brooke sighs. Hope questions if it’s a holiday visit, but Brooke says Ridge implied that she might be sticking around. Hope realizes she’s concerned. Brooke acknowledges that she and Ridge are having trouble in their marriage right now. Deacon feels responsible, but both Hope and Brooke don’t want him to feel bad. Brooke hopes Taylor wouldn’t take advantage of the problems their having in their marriage. Hope worries that the doc still hasn’t moved on. Brooke believes in Ridge and their relationship, but she’s not naïve. She sees them as one big family, but Taylor just likes to focus on Ridge and their children. Brooke has a feeling that after all these years, Taylor is still in love with her husband.
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy teases Thomas about the model who’s interested in him and says their mom is beginning to settle in nicely. She adds that there’s no doubt in her mind that Taylor is still in love with Ridge. Thomas wants their mom’s happiness like it was back when she was with dad. He feels bad for her that Ridge is married to Brooke. He laments that Ridge ever left Taylor for the blonde. Talk turns to Taylor’s penchant for helping people. They think the timing is perfect that Taylor is now here for Ridge to talk to. Steffy doesn’t blame their dad; Brooke supporting Deacon is in infuriating. She wishes she could give her a piece of her mind, but it would only make things worse. One thing is for sure – their father needs their mother more than ever. Thomas and Steffy finish some work, and then she asks Thomas to bring Douglas by to see Taylor. Thomas will talk to Hope. Steffy, frustrated, reminds him he shouldn’t need Hope’s permission to take his son to see his grandmother. The siblings agree that for the first time in a long time they feel like a family again.
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At the cliff house, Taylor places her hand over Ridge’s and they reflect on how protective Stephanie was of them. Ridge gushes, “Doc, you’re a remarkable woman.” Taylor replies, “And you are in a very challenging situation.” She shouldn’t criticize Brooke, but she’s been giving him high highs and low lows for years. Taylor recalls that her time with him was the happiest time of her life. “I’ll always love them. And I’ll always love you.” Ridge pulls her into an embrace. Steffy watches them through the door and smiles.

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