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At the cliffhouse, Steffy tells Taylor it’s not fair for Brooke to insist Ridge allow Deacon back in their lives. She sighs as she decides she shouldn’t be wasting time on Brooke. Taylor understands she’s just worried about her dad and his marriage – she’s kind of worried too. What Brooke is asking isn’t fair at all. Steffy feels it’s upsetting to see Ridge going through this. She wonders if Taylor would talk to Brooke and knock some sense into her. Taylor’s not keen on seeing the blonde. Steffy asks who she does want to see. Taylor can’t wait to give Eric a big squeeze – especially after hearing everything he’s been going through. Stephanie was so special to her; for Eric to go from her to Quinn. She shakes her head. Steffy doesn’t know which is worse; her granddad putting up with his wife or Ridge dealing with Brooke.
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Taylor reflects on what a great support system Stephanie was for her; she saw Brooke for who she was and tried to keep her away. “I miss her.” Steffy does too. Taylor tells her daughter that her grandmother would have been so proud of her. Steffy wishes Kelly and Hayes could have known her. Taylor flinches and admits she’s not sure she’s worthy of having a baby named after her. Steffy assures her she is. Taylor is so happy to see Steffy fulfilled with Finn and a beautiful family. “Nothing against Liam, but I’m so happy you walked away from that situation.” Taylor is so proud of her strong, talented daughter. She gushes, “Look at you!” Steffy is grateful; even more so now that her mother is there. Taylor wants to stay.
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At Brooke’s place, Ridge accuses Deacon of wanting a relationship with his wife. Brooke interjects that he’s over-reacting. Ridge demands to know where he’s living. When pushed on the subject, Deacon admits he’s staying in a storage room in a bar. “They hired me to clean. I’m not drinking, I’m working.” He’s not shacking up with Sheila anymore – he’s sleeping with a mop! Ridge smirks at Brooke. He doesn’t buy that Deacon’s not drinking and rants until Brooke jumps in to say that Deacon doesn’t have to explain about his job. Deacon doesn’t want things to get more heated and announces he’s heading down to the cabin. Brooke thanks him. Ridge scoffs at this and asks his wife why she can’t see what he sees. “He’s playing you!”
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In the cabin, Hope and Deacon embrace and he asks if she’s ready to do karate. She suggests they go outside. He agrees but warns that Ridge is up at the house and things are tense.

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Outside, Deacon and Hope get started but end up eavesdropping as Brooke pushes Ridge to give Hope’s father a chance. She compares the situation to Taylor coming back, which Ridge thinks is incomparable. Brooke disagrees and remarks on Taylor leaving for extended periods of time and leaving them to see her children through their crises. Ridge defends her and points out Thomas is fine now – Douglas should be back with him. Brooke gasps and accuses him of being brainwashed by Taylor. Ridge counters that the only brainwashing going on around there is by Deacon… and it worries him a lot!

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At the cliffhouse, Steffy and Taylor talk about the Logan women stealing their men. Steffy is very fulfilled with Finn and is genuinely happy for Liam and Hope, however. Taylor questions if she truly is happy for them. Steffy feels bad for Liam having to deal with Deacon as well as Ridge. Taylor thinks Ridge is paying the price for choosing Brooke.

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Outside Brooke’s house, Deacon and Hope listen as Brooke defends Deacon to Ridge – he’s trying to change his life. “I think he’s harmless.” Ridge can’t fathom how to protect her and Hope. He says Deacon can’t be there; he can’t deal with it. Brooke insists they need to find a way to get through this as a family. Ridge can’t do that because she won’t listen to him anymore. He informs her he’s about to walk out again, and does. As the door slams, a distraught Hope and Deacon exchange a look.
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They venture in to check on the shaken Brooke, who says she hates arguing with Ridge like this. Hope’s sorry. Brooke goes upstairs, and Deacon muses that he hates to see her like that… he’s the problem and should go. Hope reassures him. She has to have faith that their love with get them through this. Upstairs, Brooke looks out the window as she tries to call Ridge and it goes straight to voicemail. She sits and looks at a photo of them together and thinks back to happier times.

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At the cliff house, Steffy thinks her father needs their help and suggests that Taylor still has feelings for him. Taylor admits he’s the love of her life and always will be. Once alone, Taylor thinks of Ridge and her children and smiles. Suddenly, Ridge walks in.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor makes an admission to Ridge as he unburdens himself about Brooke.

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