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At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge kiss and he admits fighting with her ruins his day. Brooke thinks they need some time alone and suggests a trip up the coast. Ridge says that sounds nice. He just has to tell Steffy and Thomas first. He was also going to tell her last night, but she was already asleep. “Taylor’s back.” Brooke thinks it’s strange that she flew in without calling or texting to give anyone a heads-up. She asks if Ridge has seen her. He says he has… and it was nice. Brooke figures Taylor was excited to see Kelly and Hayes. Ridge offers to show her a picture, but his wife doesn’t want to see it. He talks about Taylor’s really worthwhile work and Brooke wonders how soon she’ll be getting back to it. Ridge chuckles and admits that she’s thinking of sticking around. Brooke pushes to find out how long Taylor’s staying, and Ridge shrugs that it might be for good. Brooke questions, “Why now?” Ridge asks, “Are you okay?” He senses she has a problem with Taylor being back home.
Brooke look Ridge B&B

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At the cliff house, Taylor and Steffy tidy up and gabber about how cute the kids are with their grandmother. Taylor is so proud of her daughter. Finn enters and is thrilled to finally see Taylor face-to-face. Taylor congratulates him on his beautiful family and they embrace. They sit, and Steffy remarks that if it was up to her, Taylor would never leave. Taylor tells her daughter, “I love you so much, Steffy.” Her daughter replies, “I love you too, mom. So much” Taylor brings up Sheila to Finn, as well as Jack lying to him. She realizes it must have been an emotional rollercoaster for him and says she’s there if he needs to talk. Finn may take her up on that, but for now he’ll focus on his mom, who was lied to too. Taylor warns that things may get worse before they get better and advises Steffy and Finn to hold on tight to each other. She’s happy to see her daughter find a love like this.
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They get to telling funny stories as Taylor shares about Steffy and Phoebe when they were kids. Finn leaves to go back to the hospital and Taylor remarks that she’s never seen Steffy so happy. Steffy muses, “It’s almost perfect.” She admits that there’s always a dark cloud hanging over them – the re-emergence of Deacon and Sheila. “It’s been a lot for the family.” Steffy reports that Deacon’s return has put a big strain on her father’s marriage. She doesn’t understand how Brooke can allow him back in their lives. Taylor points out that Hope wants a relationship with her father. She recalls the scandal with Brooke and Deacon and how Stephanie had a horrible nickname for her back then. Steffy feels it’s not right for Brooke to let Deacon back in… it’s not fair to Ridge.

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At Il Giardino, Deacon is mopping when Paul reminds him not to forget to clean the bathrooms. Once alone, Sheila wanders in and mocks Deacon, who wonders if there’s a reason she’s there. Sheila could give him a thousand reasons. She questions why he’s there cleaning when he could be living with her. “Are you really willing to stoop to that kind of low just to get close to Brooke?” Deacon argues it’s an honest day’s work. He’s just trying to survive and clean up his act. Sheila sneers, “To win Brooke.” Deacon corrects that he wants to be a part of Hope’s life. Sheila can’t believe this isn’t about Brooke too. Deacon snaps, “She is Hope’s mother.” He updates Sheila that he and Hope discovered they have martial arts in common. Sheila lunges at him to see how he reacts and then laughs. Deacon explains he had a lot of rage as a kid and martial arts gave him an outlet. Sheila muses that it’s a good thing he knows how to take care of himself; those martial arts could come in handy with Ridge.
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They get to talking about their kids and Deacon thinks the big difference between them is that Hope is ready to have a relationship with him. Sheila feels Finn wants one with her too, but Steffy’s standing in the way. Deacon feels for her. Sheila muses about Deacon’s presence causing trouble between Brooke and Ridge – he’s not upset about it. She figures he’d love to see chapter two of Deacon and Brooke. Sheila grins, “Am I right?” Deacon shakes his head at her.

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In Brooke’s living room, she says she’s happy they Ridge, Steffy and Thomas got together with Taylor and that the woman got to see her grandchildren – Douglas must be thrilled. She feels if she can appreciate that, then Ridge should be understanding about Deacon. Ridge can’t believe she’s comparing the two. Brooke thinks he’s forgetting how much pain Taylor caused her. She doesn’t want to fight. Ridge will never see Deacon the way she does; he’s a con artist who has caused her so much pain. He doesn’t need to be reminded of that. Suddenly, Deacon walks in and asks if Brooke is ready for karate lessons. Ridge is appalled. Brooke tries to explain that they were joking at the cabin yesterday and… Ridge marvels, “Oh, you were joking with him!” He tells Deacon he knows what his intentions are… he wants to get back into Hope’s life, and he hopes that never happens. “But that’s not your whole plan is it? You want to be with Brooke too; you want to be with my wife!”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge realizes Hope isn’t the only Logan woman Deacon wants to reconnect with, and Hope and Deacon’s sparring match is unceremoniously interrupted.

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