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Taylor and Ridge continue catching up, with her acknowledging that some things had changed since she left… and some things hadn’t changed at all. Things are very chill between them as they talk and laugh, leading Taylor to eventually admit that she’s probably going to stick around for a while. This makes Ridge extremely happy. (Hey, it’s always good to have an ex-wife around when you’re having issues with the current spouse, right?)

“It’s nice to step out of the mindset of self and be there for others,” Taylor says, telling Ridge how much she’s loved being able to help people. Not that this is news to him. “You’re selfless,” he grins. “You’ve always been selfless.” But she says that hasn’t always been true, and that even her reason for coming home is selfish. She years to reconnect with her children and grandchildren. “It was time for me to come home,” she says, and he’s glad she’ll be sticking around for a while because she makes him happy. They talk about Thomas, with Ridge admitting that he’s been keeping a close eye on their son, especially given that he’s working with Hope, the former object of his obsession. Taylor’s relieved, but Ridge says Thomas was healed with the help of his mother. One thing Taylor’s still worried about? Why isn’t Douglas living with his dad? “It concerns me that he is living at Brooke’s with Hope, surrounded by all those Logans at such an impressionable age!” Ridge says that Douglas sees Thomas all the time, but Taylor wisely says that “seeing” his father isn’t the same as “living with” him.

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Thomas and Steffy chat about the fact that their mom is back, and how excited Taylor is at the prospect of hanging out with her grandchildren, including Douglas. “Fair warning,” says Steffy, “she is going to spoil them rotten!” Thomas says how great it is that after so many years of being separated, they are all in the same place. (Now, why Thomas hasn’t rushed right over to see his mom is unclear… pretty sure the boss would let him have the time off!) Steffy says she doesn’t think that their mom and dad have crossed paths, and that she’s not going to tell Ridge about Taylor’s return. Instead, she’ll “let Mom decide” when to reveal herself given that it will be a significant moment. When Thomas asks why, she says she got the sense that their mom still very much loves their day.

Discussing the fact that Taylor’s been helping him deal with his issues, Thomas says it comes in handy having a shrink in the family. Unfortunately, it would appear that the doctor has not been able to heal herself, especially where matters of the heart are concerned: Thomas and Steffy agree that on some level, their mom still loves their dad.

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Brooke admits to Katie that she’s caught between a rock (Hope wanting her dad in her life) and a hard place (Ridge refusing to accept that Deacon might have changed). But having read some of the letters Deacon wrote Hope, Brooke is convinced he is genuinely committed to being a good dad. “He just wants a place in his daughter’s life,” she says. Katie again reflects on how all she and her sisters wanted growing up was the love and attention of the father who abandoned them. “It took a lot of work when he came back into our lives,” Katie reflects, “but now we have a relationship with him that I wouldn’t change for anything.” And Hope, she says, deserves the same opportunity.

“We know how it feels to long for an absent parent,” says Katie. Brooke admits that in the past, she was angry with Deacon for not being there for Hope. “To know that he could hurt her without a second thought,” was hard. “But if that missing parents comes back and truly, truly, truly wants to make amends,” says Katie, “then shouldn’t he have the chance?” The sisters agree it would be wonderful if Hope could have her dad back in her life. Turning again to thoughts of darker times, they recall all the times they missed having their father there… and then remember their late brother Storm. “Poor Stormy,” nods Brooke, “We leaned on him so much.” They forced him into a guardian role, says Katie, because their father had abandoned them. “If Hope has a chance at another shot with Deacon, then her wounds can heal,” insists Katie, adding that Brooke shouldn’t let anyone or anything stand in the way. “If he’s willing to be a father to Hope and a grandfather to her children, I say that’s something you should celebrate!” Brooke agrees… if only Ridge could see it the same way.

Brooke insists she and Hope don’t have blinders on, but they want to give Deacon a chance. “It’s not like he’s up to his old tricks, taking advantage of people,” she says. “Things aren’t missing,” she adds with a laugh. Katie affirms that with family, it’s never too late. “How can we not support Hope in this?” she asks. “She’s getting a second chance with her father.” Brooke agrees, saying she doesn’t want herself and Ridge to be the reason Hope doesn’t have a relationship with Deacon. “When it comes to family,” summarizes Katie, “forgiveness is never wrong.”

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At the cottage, Deacon swings by, admitting to Hope that he saw her husband’s car wasn’t there. Even if Liam was home, however, Hope says her pop is always welcome in her home. When Deacon expresses regret at the years lost, Hope says they don’t have to look back. instead, they can focus on what they’re building now. Deacon appreciates the chance he’s being given by both his daughter and Brooke, knowing how their respective spouses feel about the situation. “I promise, I’m not going to let you down,” he says.

Deacon realizes that he walked in on Hope watching a martial arts video, and she says it’s a self-defense course she’s been taken. “Who knew, we have something else in common!” Deacon declares. Knowing a thing or two about martial arts, he offers to teach her a thing or two.

Taylor insists she doesn’t want to cause any problems for Ridge and Brooke… and, noting his not-too-subtle flinch, asks if perhaps there’s already trouble in paradise. She backpedals quickly, stating that she shouldn’t have gone there. But Ridge points out she’s always known him better than anyone — something I’m sure Brooke would love to hear him say — before admitting there’s “something that Brooke and I can’t agree on.” Upon hearing Deacon is back in town, Taylor is, of course, immediately #TeamDeaconSucks. Offering her support, Taylor and Ridge wind up sharing a hug… just as Steffy and Thomas walk in to witness the moment…

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