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At the cliff house, Ridge can’t believe Taylor is really there. They embrace and Taylor laughs, “Your ex-wife has returned. Dr. Taylor Hayes in the flesh.” She teases him about his shaggy hair and says she didn’t tell the kids she was coming… she wanted it to be a surprise. Ridge gazes at her and assures her it’s a surprise and she’s been missed. Taylor recaps that Thomas and Steffy have been great about keeping her connected with the kids over video chats, but nothing compares to being there with them. Ridge muses that time flies by so fast; he tries to spend as much time with them as he can.
Ridge smile Taylor B&B

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They talk about Douglas being the smartest Forrester and Taylor giggles. Ridge misses that smile. They keep talking about the grandkids and Taylor is honored that Steffy and Finn named Hayes after her. She wishes she’d been there for the birth. Ridge assures her they understood… she was making the world a better place. Taylor reflects on the profound experience of seeing so much suffering. She’s happy to be home and has missed her kids so much. “I’ve missed you too, Ridge.” Taylor feels guilty for missing some things, but Ridge reassures her. Taylor felt it was her duty as a doctor to go where she was needed and try to make a difference. Ridge muses that she’s always put other people first. “That’s one of the things I love about you, Doc.” Taylor gasps, “Doc. I haven’t heard that in a long time.” Ridge apologizes, but she says it feels good.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas asks if Steffy’s upset that he asked her to come back to work, but realizes she’s not paying attention to a word he’s said. She reveals that someone was at her house. “You’ll never guess who!” She drops some clues, but Thomas is hopeless at guessing. Steffy finally tells him mom is at her house. Thomas is thrilled and they decide to put together a gathering including their father. They go over how much Taylor helped Thomas when he was going through the stuff with Hope. Steffy reveals that Taylor mentioned that part of the reason she stayed away was Brooke. She marvels that their mother’s return is such a coincidence; they were just talking about the old days. They don’t want this constant stress being thrown at their dad. They try to imagine what it would have been like if Ridge had chosen Taylor over Brooke. Thomas thinks Brooke has room for improvement but she’s not some evil person. Steffy thinks Ridge loves Brooke, but deep down, he’s still in love with their mom.
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At Brooke’s place, she and Katie talk business before Brooke asks if she’s seen Bill lately. Katie confides he’s doing everything he can to win her back, but she’s not sure yet. Talk turns to Brooke, and she admits she’s not sure if she should be worried about her and Ridge or not. Katie is puzzled; she and Ridge seemed so solid. Brooke agrees that they were… until Deacon came back. Katie asks how he’s been acting and Brooke shares that he wants to prove he’s changed. Ridge doesn’t believe it, but Hope does. Katie asks what she thinks of it. Brooke shrugs that it’s not up to her, but it seems impossible to support Hope and not disappoint Ridge. “I just don’t want this to come between me and my husband.”
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Katie’s aghast to hear that Ridge gave Hope an ultimatum. Brooke says she wouldn’t allow it. She’d move mountains for Hope, but she doesn’t want to alienate Ridge. She has to wonder if Ridge is over-reacting. Katie feels he’s being insensitive to what Hope is going though. Brooke worries she’s being insensitive; she knows what Deacon is capable of. She still believes Hope should have the freedom to get to know her father. Katie agrees; think about how abandoned they felt when their dad walked out. Of course, Brooke would want to support Hope bonding with her father. “You’re just a mother wanting to give your child something that you never had growing up.”

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