Taylor, Steffy hug B&B
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At home, Steffy flashes to reminding Ridge he has his family supporting him. She hears the door and assumes it’s Finn… but it’s her mom! Steffy is stunned to see Taylor, who says, “Hi sweetheart. I’m back.” They embrace. Steffy asks if Thomas knows she’s back, but Taylor explains she wanted to surprise them both. Steffy is sure she’s dying to see the kids, who are napping. Taylor will peek in on them. They hug again.
Taylor, Steffy reunited B&B

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge rubs the tension out of her shoulders and muses that there are other ways to reduce tension — she could send Deacon packing. Brooke replies that it’s not that simple. Ridge’s phone dings and Brooke sees a message from Thomas about over-stepping. Ridge fills her in on his conversation with his children yesterday, in which they reminded him he does have another family, with them and Taylor. Brooke looks taken aback.
Brooke gives a look B&B

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Brooke wants Steffy and Thomas to feel secure in their relationship with their father… but if they’re upset about not having their family together they only need to look to their mother. Taylor didn’t even show up for Steffy’s wedding! Ridge reminds her she was working and suggests they don’t say anything to his kids about Taylor. Talk turns to the situation with Deacon and Ridge says he believes the decision she and Hope are making is wrong. Hope walk in just in time to hear. Ridge insists they’re going to get hurt and urges Brooke to step up and tell her daughter who this man really is. “Why aren’t you two listening to me?”
Brooke, Ridge impasse B&B

At Il Giardino, Paul tells Deacon everything has to be spotless before the inspector gets there… and he has a visitor. Sheila walks in and muses, “Well, well, well. This is where you’re living. In a storage closet.” She smirks and chuckles as Deacon insists it’s just temporary, until he gets back on his feet. Sheila brandishes the mop and says this is ridiculous — he should just come back to her hotel room. Deacon doesn’t want to let Hope and Brooke down. Hope, Sheila can understand, but not Brooke.
Sheila mock Deacon B&B

Later, out by the bar, Deacon is asked to serve some beer and Sheila questions if it’s a wise decision for him to be working around temptation. Deacon’s avoiding the bottle, but he can’t return to Sheila’s room or he’ll never have a place in his daughter’s life. Sheila thinks he’s nervous about the sexual tension between them and invites him to come back to the hotel and see what happens. Deacon scoffs, “You got me.” Sheila doesn’t think the future he envisions is going to happen. Deacon says a boy can dream. He pulls out his phone, says he wants to do something special for Hope, and will text Brooke for ideas. Sheila realizes that this isn’t about Hope at all… he’s doing everything he can to reach out to Brooke.
Deacon, Sheila beer B&B

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At Brooke’s place, Hope challenges Ridge to name anything bad her father’s done since getting out of jail. Ridge says, “He hooked up with Sheila.” Hope counters that he realized that was a bad idea and walked away from her. Brooke gets a text and Ridge realizes it’s from Deacon. He can’t understand how he’s got her number and how this is happening. Brooke can’t deny Hope the chance to get to know her father. Hope intervenes to say it’s her decision to make and she’s chosen to have her dad be a part of her life. If there are consequences… Ridge interrupts to say, “When there are consequences.” He shrugs on his coat and mocks that Hope wants the little girl fantasy with her dad, but Brooke knows who he is. “I can’t do this,” he exclaims, and walks out.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila mocks Deacon for not getting a response from Brooke. Deacon insists that it’s a great feeling getting to know his daughter and it’s amazing that Brooke’s supporting it. Sheila asks if he really thinks he has a shot with Brooke. Deacon thinks there’s a small chance and credits his charming smile. Sheila guffaws.
Deacon, Sheila Il Giardino B&B

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At Steffy’s place, Taylor comes out of the bedroom gushing about the kids and sits with Steffy, who says, “I’ve missed you.” She’s proud of the work she’s been doing however. Taylor feels she should have come back for her wedding. Steffy understood; she had her reasons. Taylor just couldn’t stomach the idea of sitting across from Brooke and Ridge. “I loved our family so much. I still do.” Steffy says the wedding doesn’t matter — all that matters is that she’s there now. Taylor explains that staying away just made it easier on her. Steffy understands she didn’t want to watch Ridge live out his fantasy with Brooke. Taylor doesn’t get why it’s so hard for her to let it go. Steffy muses, “Because you thought he was the one.” Taylor turns the conversation to Finn… and his birth mother, Sheila. She vows the woman won’t be a problem for Steffy as long as she’s there. Steffy is thrilled to hear her mother is planning to stay.
taylor returns visits steffy bb

At Brooke’s place, she assures Hope that nothing and no one will come between her and Ridge.

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Ridge walks into Steffy’s place with beer and Taylor stands up from her spot on the sofa, turns to look at him, and says, “Hey Ridge.” Ridge smiles, “Taylor.” She smiles back at him.
Ridge, Taylor smile return B&B

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