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At Forrester Creations, Steffy apologizes to Ridge for what she said about Brooke — she’s his wife. Thomas interjects that Taylor was too. Ridge says he loved Taylor very much they had many great years together. Thomas complains that Brooke ruined it. Ridge knows how difficult that was for them, but his love for them never wavered. Thomas says that doesn’t change the fact that he chose a life with Brooke over a life with them and their mother. Talk turns back to the situation with Deacon and Thomas points out that Brooke is taking Hope’s side against him. The Logans always do this. Steffy and Thomas remind Ridge that Taylor was always on his side and they are too.

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At the cabin, Hope is seeing the change in Deacon and thinks her mother is too. Deacon flashes Brooke a sly smile she can’t help but return. He reminds Hope that Brooke’s in a difficult situation. Hope snipes about Ridge making things more difficult. Deacon gets that Ridge sees him as a human bulldozer, there to wreck their lives. Hope hates that he thinks of her father that way. Brooke defends Ridge. Hope reiterates that, like she told Ridge, if she’s wrong about her father — which she’s not — she will live with the consequences. She doesn’t want it to affect her mother’s marriage. Brooke reassures her, but Deacon knows as long as he’s in the picture there will be upset.

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At Il Giardino, Bill scoffs at Deacon trying to reconnect with his Hope — it’s a con and she’s falling for it. He’s pushing all her buttons. He insists Liam will have to try harder — he cannot let Deacon get close to his wife and children! Liam can’t just tells his wife what to do, but Bill gets heated warning that he’s targeted Hope and his next target will be his granddaughter. “MY granddaughter!” Liam wonders how he thinks Hope will react to him drawing a line in the sand. Not only will it strain their marriage, it will push her closer to Deacon. Bill feels if he does nothing, Deacon will get further entrenched in their lives.
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Bill offers, again, to step in, but Liam doesn’t think that’s a good idea and reflects that it wasn’t that long ago Hope didn’t want HIM around. He doesn’t want to appear insensitive to her. Bill says he’s a great husband, but he is not wrong about Deacon. Just because Hope doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Deacon will always be big time trouble. Bill figures that Deacon’s first plans to get in good with Hope and then he’ll make his move, whatever it is. He urges Liam to protect his family — there’s not fault in that.

At the cabin, Deacon assures Hope and Brooke he has no angles and isn’t that guy anymore. He’s realized that’s what important is being in Hope’s life as her dad, and being in Brooke’s life as their daughter’s dad. Brooke watches as Hope and Deacon embrace.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Thomas want Ridge to see that Brooke is forcing him to make a choice again. They can see the toll it’s taking on him. Thomas feels Brooke is always surrounded by scandal and Deacon’s back for a repeat performance. Steffy says they’ll always wonder what it would have been like if he’d stayed with their mother. “Do you wonder that too sometimes?”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon meets with a staff member named Paul who wants him to clean up. Deacon flashes to telling Hope he’s realized what’s important in life, sighs, and starts mopping.
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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope he met with Bill. She muses that it’s nice to have a fatherly presence; both of them grew up without their dads. He has Bill to rely on and… Liam knows that his dad, like Deacon, is no saint, but the difference is that Bill’s callousness gets channeled into providing for and protecting his family, while for Deacon it’s the exact opposite. Deacon Sharpe doesn’t give, he takes. Hope is asking Liam to trust her as his wife. “I do believe in my dad.”

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In Brooke’s living room, she paces and stops to look at a framed photo of her and Ridge. Suddenly, he comes in. She tells him she was down talking to Hope and Deacon showed up. Ridge starts, “Yeah, well he never misses an opportunity…” Brooke doesn’t want to talk about Deacon, she just wants him to know that he can’t ask Hope to leave. He doesn’t need to protect them; she’s had her eyes wide open since Deacon came to town — but she has noticed a difference. “He has changed.” Ridge scoffs that he’ll find a bar, start drinking again, and in the end, someone’s going to get hurt. “He hasn’t changed at all.”
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In the back room at Il Giardino, Deacon puts the mop away, rolls his neck and lays back on a chair. He thinks about telling Brooke how much it means that she stuck up for him and supported his relationship with Hope.
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