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At Il Giardino, Bill wants to know what’s going on with Liam, but he’s reluctant to be forthcoming and asks his father just to listen. He finally admits he’s worried about Hope. Bill guesses it’s because of that scumbag Deacon. Liam confirms, yes, who just happens to be her dad and she’s invited him to be a grandfather to their children. Bill fumes, “Absolutely not.” That’s what Liam said, but he can’t convince Hope otherwise — she refuses to hold Deacon’s past against him. Bill learns he’s already been in the house and warns if you give Sharpe an opening, he’ll exploit it. Liam agrees; he’s trying to polarize them. Bill thinks Liam wants him to step in and talk to Deacon. Liam gawps, “No, no, no, no!” He explains that Deacon is Hope’s father and to her, that trumps everything else. He doesn’t want to argue with his wife but they’ve been doing that a lot lately. Bill worries his marriage is in trouble.
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Bill recaps that Deacon can’t be trusted and Liam argues that Hope has waited a lifetime for this guy to show up and do right by her. Bill doesn’t think it’s possible. He reminds Liam that he pledged his life to protect Hope and the children, so that’s what he must do. Bill intones, “Do whatever you have to, to keep Hope and the children away from Deacon.” Liam tells Bill it means a lot; being able to come to him with this. He’s never been more grateful to have him in his life. The trouble is that Hope feels the same way about Deacon… and he can’t trust him.

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At the cabin, Brooke tells Hope that Ridge stormed out because he’s frustrated, and frankly, so is she. Hope feels you don’t solve anything by walking out — she was just defending her daughter. Deacon arrives outside the door as Hope offers to go ahead and move out; she doesn’t want her relationship with her father to cause problems in her marriage. Deacon enters and says, “I don’t want my daughter feeling terrible about anything.”
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Deacon knows his presence is causing problems and he hates it. Hope doesn’t want him worrying about this. Deacon pretends to be shocked when Hope relays that Ridge told her to take her family and find another place to live. He then flashes to listening to Ridge and Hope from outside. He asks if Hope will leave. Hope says she’s considering it, but Brooke interjects to say she won’t allow it. Deacon is glad, but is worried Ridge isn’t on board. He points out it’s Brooke’s house and Ridge has no right to tell Hope to leave. Brooke reminds him they’re married and says Ridge is just frustrated. Deacon marvels, “So he threatens eviction?”
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Brooke won’t let an eviction happen. She tells Hope how important it is to her to have her and the children there. Deacon wants that same connection with Hope and the kids. “I want to feel that joy, I want to make those memories. I want to be a family.” Hope lights up at his words as Brooke watches and smiles. Hope recaps that she started writing him in prison because she wanted to rebuild their relationship. She tells Deacon he’s not a bad person, a danger or a threat. Anyone who doubts her judgment is just going to have to accept that. Deacon lets Brooke know that her support in this means more than words.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge takes issue with Steffy saying his “wife isn’t worth it.” Thomas recaps what happened at Brooke’s house, and Steffy reiterates that he isn’t alone in this; he has another family supporting him, which includes their mom too. Ridge rants about the situation he’s in and says he thought they left Deacon behind them a long time ago. Steffy still questions if Brooke’s really worth all this angst. Ridge says this isn’t Brooke’s fault, but Steffy argues their whole history is drama. She adds that Deacon’s presence is a reminder of Brooke’s worst scandal ever! Ridge argues that Brooke doesn’t want to be reminded of that either and Thomas questions why she won’t get rid of him then. Ridge concedes that it seems Brooke is just inviting this guy back into their lives — and he can’t have it!
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Ridge complains that Deacon’s still carrying a torch for her; she can’t let him in. Thomas feels she already has. They go over the history with Brooke having a child with her daughter Bridget’s husband — Deacon — and recall that Ridge wasn’t with her at the time; he was with Taylor… until Brooke took him away. Ridge realizes they’ll always resent that. Steffy says that Deacon isn’t the whole problem; Brooke’s fueling the fire. Taylor was such a good person, but they all have been tied in knots because the Logan women want what they want. “When are you going to be fed up and come home? We miss our family dad. I miss you.” Steffy pulls Ridge into an embrace.

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