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In Brooke’s living room, she informs Liam and Hope they’re not moving out. Ridge blusters that Deacon can’t just be on the property whenever he likes. Brooke suggests coming up with a schedule, but Ridge hollers, “Why aren’t you hearing me?” I don’t want him here!” Brooke intones, “Why aren’t you hearing me? Hope and Liam aren’t moving out.” Hope doesn’t want her father causing problems and feels it’s possible they’ve overstayed their welcome. Brooke insists, no, that’s not the case. They’re staying and that’s final! Brooke gives a speech about not throwing people out at the first sign of a disagreement and insists they will work this out. Ridge and Hope argue about what Deacon is capable of and who knows him better. Brooke won’t let Ridge prevail and tells Hope, “You’re going to stay here right where you belong.” Ridge walks out.
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In Sheila’s room, Deacon reminds her that he and Brooke created something beautiful and says he’ll be damned if he’ll let Ridge Forrester dictate his relationship with his daughter. He’ll let the designer self-sabotage… then Ol’ Deacon will be right there waiting. Sheila becomes upset. Deacon is doing so well with Hope that he thinks he may be able to get back with Brooke. “But what about me?” When will she get a chance to have a relationship with her son?! Sheila rants about Steffy keeping her away — what right does she have? Deacon jokes, “Well, she is his wife.” Sheila is wounded by his teasing and he feels bad. He asks what he can do to help. Sheila feels that he’s close to the Forresters. Deacon scoffs that most of them hate him. Sheila insists he’s closer to them than she is. Deacon reminds her she shot Steffy’s mother. Sheila argues she didn’t shoot Steffy and if she’d wanted Taylor dead, she’d be dead. Deacon cautions her about talking like that and says, “Let me get closer to Hope and Brooke.” Sheila rages, “That didn’t take long did it?!” She’s incensed that he’s brought the conversation back to Brooke again and is sick of hearing about her!

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Sheila knows Deacon is drawn to the dark side just like her. She grabs an apple and tells him to take a bite. Deacon says she sounds like a witch. Sheila purrs that when she’s bad she’s very good… she could make him forget all about Brooke. Deacon feels she’s giving herself too much credit. Sheila scoffs that she wouldn’t take him anyway. Deacon questions her looking at him like he’s a plate of lamb chops then. Sheila mocks, “You mean the way Brooke looks at you in your dreams?” Deacon knows what he and Brooke had. Sheila muses that it must have been special for her to betray her own daughter. “And she looks down her nose at me…” She squints at Deacon and thinks she can see what Brooke saw in him. Deacon insists Brooke is warming up to him. Gradually, but she is warming up to him. “And that’s going to drive Ridge crazy.” Sheila points out that’s a long way from her being Mrs. Deacon Sharpe.
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In Forrester Creations, Steffy, with Finn, walks in on a model flirting with Thomas and teases him for being oblivious to the girl’s intentions. The model begins to apologize, but Steffy assures her it’s fine. The model tells Thomas, “You have my number. Use it.”
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After the model’s gone, Steffy’s glad Finn doesn’t have women throwing themselves at him — there’s only one woman she wants out of this life. Talk turns to Jack being Finn’s biological father. Thomas wonders if any part of him is happy about it. Finn’s still processing the hurt he’s caused. Thomas is sorry — he knows what it’s like to have your world blow up. Steffy muses that it always will with Sheila involved. She sighs, “I don’t mean to go off on Sheila.” Finn understands that she’s hurt her family. Steffy asks if they’re okay. Finn replies, “Always,” and kisses her before leaving for work. Once alone, Thomas hopes Sheila’s not creating tension in his sister’s marriage. Steffy won’t give her the satisfaction and asks if he sensed something. Thomas feels it would make sense for him to feel some kind of way about the situation. Steffy is sure they’re okay… she can’t say the same about Brooke and Ridge. Thomas asks, “Deacon?” Steffy nods.
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At Brooke’s, she asks Hope how Liam feels about the situation with Deacon. Hope admits he feels similarly to Ridge. She worries about her mother’s husband having slammed out of the house. Brooke is confident they’ll work it out.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy can’t understand Brooke siding with Deacon. She and Thomas get to thinking about what it might have been like if Ridge had chosen their family instead. Ridge slams in and updates them on his decision to throw Hope out. Steffy gawps. They can’t understand where Brooke’s coming from and let Ridge know they support him. Steffy adds that they’re not the only one who would be understanding. Her mother’s been wanting to come back, but she doesn’t like seeing him with Brooke. Steffy thinks it’s time he realized Brooke isn’t right for him — he has another family who supports him. “Me, Thomas and our mom.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill counsels Liam regarding the situation with Hope and Deacon.

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