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At the cabin, Deacon listens as Ridge confirms to Hope that it’s come to her moving out. If she wants to be with Deacon she’ll have to do it someplace else — he won’t let the ex-con come between him and his wife.

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In the main house, Liam stops in to pick up mail, and Brooke gushes that she loves having them so close by; it scared her when Hope threatened to move out. She suggests it’s time they respect her wishes where her father is concerned. Ridge will have to find a way to make peace with Deacon.
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Liam finds Hope alone in the cabin and explains he stopped at the main house to get the mail. Ridge showed up as she was leaving. He asks, “Did you guys get into it about Deacon?” Hope informs him that Ridge is kicking them out. Liam gawps, “What?!” She repeats that they have to find somewhere else to live because of Deacon.
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Hope gets emotional about how much it means to have her mother there when the kids come home from school. Liam marvels at what her reaction will be. Hope is most concerned about the children and tears up that they have so many wonderful memories there. Liam thinks Ridge may be right. Hope fumes; what possible way could there be to justify it. Liam suggests it could be time to try something new. Hope counters that they’ve been so happy there. Liam feels they could use more room and points out they don’t want to be around the tension Deacon’s creating between Ridge and Brooke. Hope continues to romanticize the cabin, but Liam presses that it may be time to go somewhere new to make new memories that are entirely theirs.
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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge reveals that he paid Hope a visit and told her that if she wants to spend time with Deacon, she’ll have to live somewhere else. Brooke is livid when he informs her he didn’t ask Hope to move out; he told her she had to. She argues they can’t forbid her from seeing her father. Ridge says she’ll have to do it somewhere else. Brooke narrows her eyes, “You had no right. This is my daughter we’re talking about.” Ridge snarls, “Your daughter with Deacon.” He doesn’t want him around his house. Brooke reminds him it’s her house — he moved in. Ridge asks, “Are we going there?” He insists if Hope wants to be around Deacon, then let her move out for a while. Brooke bellows, “No, No! My daughter is NOT moving out!”
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Sheila lets Deacon into her room, but warns he can’t keep coming there to eat her food and drink her booze. She suggests he move back in… they could share the bed and help each other relieve some tension. Deacon can’t — he has to safeguard his image for Hope and Brooke. Sheila snarls that he’s nuts if he thinks he has a chance with Brooke.
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Deacon prepares to leave and Sheila wonders where he’ll go. He’ll maybe sleep in his car. Sheila marvels that he’s really serious about this thing with Brooke. She needles; does he really think he’s that charming? Deacon counters, “Some would say irresistible.” Noticing his confidence, Sheila prods him to reveal what’s happened. Deacon grins, “Let’s just say that I’m sensing a little shift at Casa del Brooke; a little tension in the air. Yeah, Brooke and Ridge, they may not be quite as solid as everyone thinks.” He elaborates that they’ve been having troubles lately. Sheila scoffs at the idea it’s because of him; he doesn’t have that kind of power. Deacon explains he overheard Ridge talking to Hope and telling his daughter she had to move out because her relationship with him is affecting his marriage. “So yeah, there’s trouble in paradise, big time.” Sheila muses, “So you think this is an opportunity for you. To maybe win back Brooke’s heart, get back into her bed?” Sheila erupts in amused laughter and slaps him on the arm as she guffaws.
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Deacon asks if she thinks he’s a joke. Sheila is starting to think he’s a bigger fool than she ever paid him to be. There might be trouble in paradise over there, but she thinks they could have a little of their own paradise over here. “I am feeling a little bit naughty. What do you say?” Deacon is saving himself. Sheila can’t understand the hold Brooke has over men. He tells her she’s no Brooke. She snaps that Brooke’s no Sheila. She doesn’t think Logan will fall for a man like him. Deacon urges her to stop with the negativity. When Brooke finds out that Ridge kicked Hope out, it’s not going to over well. Brooke is backing Hope, which means she’s backing him. Sheila realizes that Deacon’s going to do everything in his power to make sure Ridge goes over the edge.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge insists that he is protecting Hope by doing this. Brooke scoffs, “By removing her from her house.” Brooke brings up the trouble they had with Thomas. She accepted him there and now it’s time for him to accept Deacon. “You’re not going to kick anyone out. Is that understood?” Liam and Hope come in. She announces they think it’s best if they do move out. Brooke won’t hear of it. “Nobody is going to force you out!”
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In Sheila’s room, Deacon tells her if his return has caused a rift in Ridge’s marriage, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces for Brooke. “Who knows, maybe someday they’ll be reunited as a family.”

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