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In the cabin, Hope gets a visit from Ridge who declares that Deacon is not welcome there. Not in their homes, and not in their lives. They argue when Ridge calls Deacon a conman and Hope insists he’s reformed. Ridge is frustrated that neither her nor Brooke will listen to him. “You have to do the right thing!” he insists. Hope asks him not to fight her on wanting her father around. Ridge won’t fight her on that, but he won’t have her around his wife or his home. Having Deacon there isn’t safe for anybody. “If you want to be with him, there are plenty of other places to live.” Hope clarifies, “So you’re asking me to move off of my mother’s property.” Ridge can’t be around Deacon, he despises him. There are some things he can’t look past. All he sees is Brooke’s biggest betrayal and what he’s capable of. Ridge insists this is about his marriage and her marriage. If she wants to be around Deacon she can do it in her own home. “Not mine.”
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In Brooke’s living room, Deacon reminds Brooke, “We were good.” Brooke says it was a betrayal. Deacon points out that they couldn’t fight the attraction and despite the heartache and pain, they made Hope. He marvels at how she turned out and says, “Daddy’s proud.” Brooke smiles, “That’s cute.” She explains that she wants to support her husband, but she also wants to support Hope, who wants Deacon in her life. “So, in that case…” Deacon can’t tell her how much this means to him. Brooke clarifies that she’s supporting her daughter, not him. Deacon understands. She thinks Ridge has to accept reality; he is Hope’s father, so if she wants a relationship with him, they will have to have one with him too. “That means you’re welcome here, Deacon.” Deacon flushes with pleasure.
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Brooke warns him not to mess up and reminds him about associating with Sheila. She hopes he has no hidden agendas. Deacon has one — he just wants to see her happy and dislikes how Ridge has treated her over the years… all that back and forth with Taylor. Brooke tells him that’s ancient history, he doesn’t need to worry about her. Deacon wonders when Ridge will be back. Brooke would like to avoid a confrontation. Deacon thinks that eventually he’ll have to admit he’s not quite the bad boy he used to be. Brooke gawps, “Bad boy? That’s one way of putting it.” Deacon recalls that she liked the bad boy. He wants her to admit he was the best sex of her life. Brooke thinks it’s time for him to go. Deacon flashes to all their hot sex scenes as Brooke asks if he’s listening. Deacon won’t let her down. Brooke replies, “Don’t let Hope down.” Once alone, Brooke looks shaken.

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At Forrester Creations, a model flirts with Thomas as he adjusts her dress. Steffy’s glad her husband’s not a famous designer. Thomas jokes that the nurses love him. Steffy’s only worried about one woman when it comes to Finn. Thomas asks how he’s doing, and Steffy explains he’s hurting and upset… especially for his mom — and she’s not talking about Sheila. They go over how calculating the she-devil is and Steffy explains that Finn knows he can’t ever trust her.
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At the hospital, Sheila recaps that Finn just found out that Jack, the man who raised him, is actually his biological father. Finn tells her she shouldn’t be there. Sheila’s trying to respect Steffy’s boundaries but she needed to reach out to him somehow… she was worried. Finn tells her not to, but how can she not? “You’re my son.” Finn thinks she should have told him. Sheila wanted to, but figures she would have been the target of accusations, which would have made things worse for Finn. “You really needed to hear this from your dad.” Finn understands and thanks her for getting through to him. Sheila encourages him to reach out, but he tells her that can’t happen… they can’t happen. Sheila wonders if he heard that Hope let Deacon back in her life. Finn feels it’s a different situation. She’d like that chance with him. Sheila muses that even Brooke is opening up to Deacon again.
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In the cabin, Ridge tells Hope she’s all grown up and so is he. If he won’t let him protect her, he’ll protect himself and his wife. She can share her life with Deacon any way she wants but she can’t do it here. Hope wonders if he’s discussed this with Brooke. Ridge will talk to her about it, he thought he’d tell her first. Deacon arrives outside and listens as Hope marvels at Ridge wanting her to leave, and Ridge rants about protecting his home and his marriage. He’s come between them before and he’ll fight tooth and nail. If she wants to be around him she should leave. Hope begins, “Ridge. What you are asking…” Ridge stops her. “I’m not asking, I’m telling. If you want to be with your dad it won’t be here. Grab your kids, grab your husband, grab your stuff and move on.”

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