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At Brooke’s place, Ridge marvels that she gets better looking every day and they canoodle and kiss. She mentions Hope and Ridge questions why she’s insisting that Deacon be in their lives. Brooke points out that Hope is an adult and they can’t dictate who she sees, but Ridge argues they have a right to say who can come onto the property. Deacon shouldn’t be allowed there. “You can see that, right?”

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They bicker as Ridge declares that Deacon’s in Hope’s head and they have to get him out. He reminds Brooke he represents the darkest chapter in her life. Brooke says, “He’s her father.” Ridge asks if she thinks he’s changed. Brooke has told Hope how she feels; she doesn’t care. Ridge insists Brooke get through to Hope that Deacon is bad news; he can’t believe he has to tell her this! Brooke doesn’t want to argue about Deacon, or even discuss it. “We just need to trust Hope’s judgment.” She goes to get her notes for work and Ridge makes a decision and walks outside.
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At the cabin, Hope hands Deacon a black coffee as he admires the place and thanks her for having him over. He made sure Ridge didn’t see him, as he doesn’t want to cause problems for her with him… or Liam. Deacon can’t tell her how much it means that she’s giving him another chance. Hope believes he’s changed and wants to get to know the new improved version of him. Deacon vows he won’t disappoint her. He laments that he wasn’t present or consistent and she couldn’t count on him. Hope feels they can do better going forward. Deacon marvels that she literally brought light into his world when he was in hopelessness and despair. When he got her letter the darkness lifted and he had a reason to get out of bed in the morning. He worries he’s caused problems for her, however. Hope thinks her mom is coming around. Deacon feels that would be incredible; he really wants her to see the man he is now. Hope encourages him not to give up on that dream; it’s not impossible.
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At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy chat about Kelly’s bossy streak. He thinks they’re pretty lucky they’re always on the same page when it comes to the kids… including keeping them away from people like Deacon. They discuss his penchant for doing whatever he wants regardless of who becomes collateral damage. Steffy wonders how Liam is dealing with Hope wanting him to be part of the family. “It must be putting a strain on your marriage.”
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Liam complains that he and Hope were in such a good place before Deacon showed up. Then it turned out she’d been communicating with him the whole time. He laments, “There are kids involved!” Steffy muses that Deacon’s not above using them, that’s why Liam needs to do everything he can to prevent Hope from forming a relationship with him. Liam’s walking a tightrope — he can’t dictate everything his wife can and can’t do. Steffy argues that he’s protecting her and the children. She notes that Ridge is in the same boat with Brooke. She recalls that Brooke’s history with Deacon was one of the lowest points in her life and seeing him is a reminder for her… and her dad. Hope should be aware of the effect Deacon’s presence could have on their parents’ marriage.
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In the cabin, Hope knows Deacon isn’t running a scheme, but the others will take some convincing. She assures, “In the meantime, we’ll do us.” Hope gets called to the office and urges Deacon to hang there and make some calls about jobs. They hug and she leaves. Deacon gazes at a framed photo of Hope’s family and flashes to her pleading with Brooke to let him stay. Just then, Ridge comes in. He thinks Hope forgot to tell Deacon to get out. “Maybe she wanted me to do it.”
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Deacon explains why he’s there, but Ridge reminds him it’s the guesthouse and he doesn’t want him on the property. Deacon insists he’s not the same guy anymore but Ridge isn’t buying it; he’s still the same leech he’s always been. Deacon wouldn’t take advantage of his daughter. Ridge argues he’s done it before — everywhere he goes he causes pain and heartache. He’s going to protect Hope, Brooke and the children. Deacon tells Ridge he doesn’t have the right to throw him out of his daughter’s home. Ridge thinks they should test the theory and takes Deacon by the shoulder. Just then, Brooke enters and asks what’s going on. Ridge demands she back him up by telling Deacon to get out and to never come back.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope arrives outside the office door as Steffy urges Liam to do something about Deacon. “Don’t let Hope’s tunnel vision put your family at risk.” Hope walks in and informs Steffy she doesn’t like her saying things that could cause problems in her marriage.

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