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At the cliff house, Finn is stunned that his parents know the identily of his birth father. Steffy wonders if Sheila knows; if so, she lied to Finn! Li fumes that Sheila definitely knows. Finn asks who it is and whether they have a picture. Li states that they can do better than a picture and prompts, “Right, Jack? Finn assures Jack that this won’t change anything between them. Li understands why Finn has always had questions and she guesses meeting his birth mother only intensified his desire to meet his father. “We can make that happen.” Steffy, confused, asks if he’s in the L.A. area. Jack sighs, looks Finn in the eye and says, “You’re looking at him.” Finn asks what that means. Jack says he’s not only Finn’s father because he adopted him, but genetically. Steffy gawps, “Oh my God… you and Sheila?!”
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Jack knows he should have told Finn… he should have told Li as well. Finn stares. “So this is true? You’re my biological father. You adopted your own son?!” Jack runs down how he had an affair with Sheila, who turned up pregnant. He was afraid of losing everything but the perfect solution presented itself — he and Li could raise his child. Li informs Finn that she had no idea she was raising her husband’s love child. Finn hollers at his father that their entire lives were a lie — he should have told them the truth years ago. “How could you do this, dad?! How?!?”
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At Forrester Creations, Zende enters the office looking for Paris, but Carter says he thinks she’s gone for the day. Zende realizes it’s later than he thought, and Carter asks if they had plans. Zende was hoping, but didn’t have firm plans. He jokes, “Maybe she got a better offer.” Carter isn’t trying to cause problems, but confides that he believes Paris may be having dinner with Thomas. Zende trusts them, though it’s not his dream living situation. Carter advises him to keep his eyes open — it’s just a friendly warning. Zende isn’t concerned and thinks Paris is a good influence on Thomas — he should be encouraging them to spend more time together. Carter chuckles and advises him not to go overboard. They go over what a wonderful young woman Paris is, and Carter lets Zende know if he can’t be happy, he’s glad that his buddy can be.
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At his apartment, Thomas sets out food and wine and has music on. Paris comes in and he beams, “Oh, there you are!” Paris asks, “What is all this about?” Thomas thought he’d do something special since they may not have too many more nights as roommates. She reminds him she mentioned that Zende might plan something special, so Thomas offers to clear it all up. Paris tells him to leave it; Zende’s working late any way. Thomas mentions moving out, but feels it wouldn’t be so awful to just keep living there with her… he’d like to get to know her better.
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Thomas pours wine and wants to make a confession… it’s a little scandalous. He admits he was going to cook for her but ended up getting takeout. Paris teases him. Thomas thinks he got all of her favorites. Paris asks, “You know my favorites?” Thomas has picked up on her likes and dislikes. She’s picked up on a few of his too. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel the need to remind you that I have a boyfriend, and nothing about Zende and I’s relationship has changed since I moved in here. You get that right?”

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Thomas insists that he knows she’s involved with Zende, he tells him all the time how lucky he is to have her. He runs down her good qualities and Paris reminds him again that she has a boyfriend. Thomas muses about her moving forward with Zende… if that’s what she wants. Paris asks, “If?” Thomas lets her know she has another option. He needed to let her know before it was too late. He confesses, “Paris, I’m falling for you.” He’s not afraid to open up to her and let her know what’s in his heart. Thomas wonders if she can see a future for them and repeats, “I don’t want to be friends, I want to be more. Much, much more.”
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At the cliff house, Finn is sickened to know how little his father thought of him. He knows how hard Li was working at the time that the “miracle” brought him into their lives. Jack claims he was trying to protect them from Sheila. Finn shouts that he was only protecting himself and he could have told Li the truth! Jack didn’t want to lose her. He insists this doesn’t change anything and pleads, “Come on, son. Please say you forgive me.”

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