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At the cliff house, Finn wonders what’s taking his parents so long. He recaps that he wants to know who his birth father is to learn more about himself.

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At the hotel suite, Jack is sorry for all of it, but not for Finn being born. Li thinks the only question left is whether or not Finn will be able to forgive him. She reads a message from Finn wondering what’s keeping them. Jack agonizes about destroying his son’s faith in him. Li levels that that is a chance he’s going to have to take — today is the day he must tell Finn the truth.
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In the design office, Hope makes a suggestion about Zende’s gown, which is on a model named Petra. As she leaves, Petra flirts with Zende. After she’s gone, Zende assures Hope he knows how lucky he is to have a girlfriend like Paris in his life. Hope thinks it’s great they’re taking their time getting to know one another. Zende expresses frustration at not being able to spend more alone time with Paris since Thomas is still in the apartment. Hope reminds him that Thomas is trying and the market is crazy right now. Zende muses if he doesn’t find a place soon, he’ll have to take matters into his own hands. Hope realizes he’s thinking of asking Paris to move in with him. Zende shrugs that nothing is set in stone but he wants to move forward and can’t imagine his future without Paris in it.
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In the main office, Thomas compliments Paris on her idea for a foundation in Zende’s name. He feels she’s really an impressive woman and says he’s enjoyed getting to know her. Thomas is still searching for a house and offers to tell her about it over dinner. Paris hedges that she doesn’t know if Zende has something planned. Carter walks in and senses an awkward moment. Thomas urges Paris to let him know if she wants him to pick-up takeout and exits.

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Carter asks Paris how it’s going with Thomas as her roommate. She thinks he likes the company and explains the awkwardness earlier is because she doesn’t want Thomas expecting her home when she may not be. She goes on about enjoying having her own space, and Carter lets her know he’s there for her if she ever needs to talk.
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At the cliff house, Finn relays to Steffy that Jack gets tense when he talks about his birth parents. Finding out whose DNA he has won’t change their relationship. Just then, Li and Jack arrive and apologize for being late. Steffy’s sorry the kids aren’t there; they’re out with Amelia. Li thinks it’s for the best so they can talk. She asks her husband, “Right, Jack?” Steffy offers food, but Li doesn’t have an appetite. Finn asks about his parents’ trip up the coast. Li reflects that it might be a long time before they do anything like that again.
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Finn and Steffy get into how they know the whole Sheila thing has been stressful for Jack and Li. Finn is grateful to have them as parents. Li notes that even as a little boy he had questions; after a while he stopped asking, but he never stopped wondering. Finn confirms he didn’t. Li is sorry for the disappointment that went along with meeting Sheila and feels it’s time he found out about his biological father. Finn doesn’t want to stress them out, but Li is undeterred. Finn assures them that they’ll always be his parents. He really didn’t get it until he became a parent.

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Finn always knew he could count on his dad to have his back, tell him the truth and never let him down. Jack bows his head and Li looks pointedly at her husband. Finn asks why they’re looking at each other like that. “What’s going on?” Li informs her son that his father has something to tell him. Jack confirms that Finn is right — he never wanted to let him down or disappoint him. He reveals that they know who his birth father is. Finn is gobsmacked. “You do?” Jack sweats as Finn enthuses, “Well, who is it?!”

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