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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy discuss his parents planning to drop by later. He muses that they seem to be in a better place after the whole Sheila thing. Talk turns to him running into her at Il Giardino. Finn recaps that she didn’t have answers for him and that she’s still a mystery to him. They speculate if Sheila’s telling the truth about not knowing who his father is and Finn shrugs that maybe it’s better he doesn’t know given how it turned out with Sheila. Steffy knows if he’s being honest that he’d want to meet his father.

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In their hotel suite, Jack has something to tell Li, but first he wants her to know how much he loves her. She worries that he’s seriously ill, but he assures her he’s not sick. “It’s just something I should have told you a long time ago.” Li is anxious to get over to the cliff house so they’re not late to visit their son. Jack muses about Finn being their son. Li questions if Sheila has reached out again. Finn clarifies that he reached out to her and learned that Finn wants to know who his biological father is. Li figures Sheila must know. Jack replies, “She does. And I do too.”
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In the Forrester office, Thomas, Hope, Paris and Zende work on gowns for the upcoming show. Paris is flattered that Hope asked her to do the introduction for the preview, but is hesitant. Zende and Thomas urge her to do it, so she agrees. They think she could model as well. Zende says she’s definitely gorgeous enough and they kiss. Thomas’ eyebrows lift as he watches.
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Thomas and Zende spar about how long they’ve been designing and Paris intervenes by asking to see the show-stopper. Zende says she can’t — it’s top secret. Hope relays that it’s always a surprise. She tells the trio they’re a terrific team and the preview is going to be amazing. Quinn appears and tells Zende, “I have time now if you’re ready.” Zende follows her out. Paris wonders what that is all about; perhaps it’s the show-stopper. Talk turns to Paris and Zende’s relationship. Hope’s happy for them. Thomas is too, but can’t help but be a little envious of his cousin having such a wonderful woman as Paris.
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In the design office, Zende tells Quinn he wanted to see her about his future — with Paris. He goes on about how important she is to him. Quinn asks what it has to do with her. Zende needs a favor. He wants Quinn to design a ring because, to him, Paris is perfect in every way.
Quinn, Zende favor B&B

At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy what amazing parents Jack and Li were, it didn’t matter that they weren’t his biological parents. Steffy wonders again if Sheila is telling the truth or purposely misleading him. Maybe she didn’t tell the man she was pregnant or she was on the run from the police. Finn sums up that learning Sheila is his mother has made him wonder even more about the identity of his birth father. He confides that he always imagined his father would be a professional sports player or rock star. Finn then realized that he already had the best parents; that’s why part of him feels guilty about starting to ask about his biological father. He respects and admires his dad. He’s so decent and has been devoted to him and his mother their whole lives. Jack has always been true to Li and Finn can see how much they mean to each other and how much their marriage means to them. His parents have never let him down and they never will.

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In their hotel suite, Li asks Jack how long he’s known who Finn’s father is. Jack replies, “All of his life.” He withheld the truth because he didn’t want to hurt her. Li can’t understand how it would hurt her. “Tell me! Who is it?!” Jack grits out, “It’s me. I’m Finn’s biological father.” Li gasps, “You and Sheila? You had an affair with Sheila?” Jack says it didn’t last long. Li reels that he’s known all this time; all along they’ve been living a lie! Jack didn’t want to cause her pain like this. Li can’t believe he slept with Sheila. Did he convince her to let them adopt the child?

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Jack curses that he hates himself for betraying her. Li informs him he didn’t just betray her… he betrayed their son. She urges him to think about what it’s going to do to Finn, knowing his father lied to him his whole life. Li recalls Finn asking questions and exclaims that Jack could have ended all his uncertainty. Jack was there for every moment. “I have done everything I possibly could to be a good father to him.” Li responds, “You also lied to him Jack. And to me.” It’s because he loves them and always will. What happened with Sheila was a terrible mistake. He pleads with her to forgive him. She and Finn are his life. Li asks, “What about Finn, your son? Will he ever forgive you?”

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