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At Forrester Creations, Steffy updates Thomas that their shipment is finally coming into port. Thomas suggests, now that that’s handled, she go join her husband for lunch. Steffy’s going to go home to the kids. Thomas asks if there’s been anymore Sheila sightings. Steffy says there hasn’t… and for that she’s very grateful.
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At Il Giardino, Jack watches as Finn tells Sheila he needs to know who his biological father is. Sheila can’t tell him who his father is and claims that she doesn’t know. Finn asks if she can narrow it down. Sheila reminds him he has Jack, who loves him, and she loves him. Finn gets up and snaps, “I have to go.” Sheila bids him to stay a little longer, but he won’t. Once Finn’s gone, Jack rejoins Sheila and wants to know every word that was said.
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Brooke arrives at Eric’s house, where he’s been sketching. She knows Quinn’s not there and confronts him about the woman banishing Donna. Eric didn’t condone it. Brooke knew it was all Quinn. She complains that her sister is paying an unfair price for what wasn’t a planned seduction. Brooke muses that Eric had a reaction to Donna that he isn’t having with Quinn… unless something’s changed. Eric confirms it’s still the same situation. Brooke feels reality must be dawning that the problem is not with him… it’s with Quinn. She reminds him of his best qualities but thinks his loyalty is a problem when it comes to his wife. “You and Donna were a great couple.” Eric remembers; they were some of the happiest times of his life. Brooke feels he loves Donna; his body was sending him a message. He didn’t have the same reaction for Quinn because he doesn’t love his wife. She thinks Donna is the woman for him; it’s really time for him to take back his happiness. “Show Quinn the door. For good this time.”

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In the design office, Carter finds Quinn looking far away and says he hopes things are good with her and Eric. Quinn misses how easy their relationship was… and hates that she broke his heart. Carter recaps that it’s over, they should leave it at that. He asks again about Eric. Quinn confides that they still haven’t worked things out in the bedroom. Carter imagines that’s difficult given what happened with Donna. Quinn gawps at him having heard and guesses it was from one of the Logan women. She confirms that it hurt, a lot. Carter was hoping they’d be living their best life and be in sync. Quinn hasn’t given up, but wishes the Logan sisters would give them a break.
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Quinn reveals she’s been doing some soul-searching lately about who she is and how she navigates through the world. She’s concluded that the issues in her marriage may lie with her. Quinn has a talent for self-sabotage. She attracts good things and then ruins them. “I’m talking about Eric, I’m talking about you…” Carter reminds her that Eric forgave her. Quinn thought the ED problem was his, but it was Donna who made her realize she’s the problem. “Who wants to make love to someone you don’t trust?” She hates to agree with Brooke on anything, but she was right when said she was reckless with Eric’s love. “I regret that so much. But I’m going to make it right.”

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At home, Finn tells Steffy he lost his appetite at Il Giardino. “There’s something you should know.” He doesn’t want secrets between them. Steffy braces for him to tell her something bad. Finn admits he saw Sheila at the restaurant. Steffy is upset and questions if she’s stalking him now. Finn relays that she said it was a coincidence. He made it clear that he can’t spend time with her and respects Steffy’s opinion on that. Steffy asked if he turned her away. Finn had to ask her a question that only she would know. “Who my birth father is.” Steffy learns that Sheila claims she doesn’t know.
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At Il Giardino, Jack’s surprised Finn didn’t send Sheila away. She insists he loves her and shares that he was very passionate about learning who his biological father is. Jack gawps. “You didn’t tell him did you?” Sheila stares. Jack urges, “Dammit, Sheila. Tell me.” Sheila wonders what he’d do if she did tell him. Jack muses, “I don’t know, damage control?” Sheila assures him she didn’t tell Finn the truth. She looked into his beautiful eyes and lied to him — she said she didn’t know who his father is. Jack takes her hands and thanks her for covering for him.
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Sheila declares she’s not as bad as Steffy and the Forresters make her out to be. She remembers the night that Finn was conceived and gives credit to Jack and Li for how he turned out. She’s glad he got to be with his father. Jack replies that raising Finn was his honor and privilege. Sheila respects his protectiveness of his family, but Finn is asking questions. “He wants to know who his birth father is. Maybe it’s time you told Finn the truth.” She feels it’s time Jack told Finn that he’s his biological father.

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