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At the cabin, Hope informs Liam she’s firm on this decision about Deacon. “Please tell me you understand.” She wants her dad in her life. Liam reminds her it’s not just her life, it’s their life, and it’s their family’s life. He understands because knowing his dad changed his life. In his case, it changed his life for the better, but what would Deacon Sharpe’s daughter give her other than heartache? Hope asks, “Don’t I deserve a chance to find out?” Liam stresses that their life is so good right now, “And you want to bring Deacon in on that?” “Are you sure that is the best thing for our family right now?” he repeats. Hope wants to trust her instincts, but Liam’s concerned about what message it will send to the kids to see her in pain over something Deacon did. Hope asks, “What are you saying? You refuse to accept my decision?” Hope doesn’t want to discuss it anymore today as she has to get to work. If they focus on their blessings it will work out. Liam hugs her but she looks sour.
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Up at Brooke’s house, Ridge is certain that Liam will get through to Hope and wonder how they let this happen with Deacon coming back into their lives. He refers to Hope having daddy issues and believes that Liam sees this the same way he does, so they’ll figure it out. Brooke worries what if they can’t… what will happen to their marriage? She questions if Deacon is really that harmful. Ridge is happy that Hope is there, he loves her, but that doesn’t meant they need to take a trip down memory lane with Deacon. “Some things need to stay in the past where they belong.” Ridge sighs that Hope and Liam are finally happy so they’ll figure it out. “They aren’t going to let Deacon get in the way of their relationship.”
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Finn share a kiss. She can’t go to Il Giardino with him as she has a meeting and is certain he’ll find someone to chat with. Steffy teases him to save her a slice of dessert for her, before talk turns more serious and she thanks him for taking her concerns about Sheila seriously. Finn’s glad he got to meet her and see what she looks like. He’d like to find out who his biological father is as well. She doesn’t think going to Sheila is a good idea. Finn knows that, but he wonders if his father knows about him. Thomas walks in and assumes they’re talking about Quinn, but Steffy relays they’re discussing Sheila. She tells Finn they can hire someone to dig into his birth father. Finn will consider it. He kisses her and leaves. Thomas urges Steffy to catch up with Finn so the poor guy doesn’t have to eat alone. Steffy resists, but Thomas urges her to go meet up with him. “Go ahead, surprise him.” Steffy smiles and heads out.
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At Il Giardino, Jack walks up to Sheila’s table. She notes he’s all cleaned up and asks why he wanted to see her. Jack sits down and stuns Sheila by saying he’s there to thank her… for keeping their secret. She thinks it’s a nice change from attacking her. Jack keeps talking and Sheila spots Finn arriving. Jack says he can’t see them together! Sheila tells him to go someplace then, because she’s going to say hello.
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Sheila walks up to Finn, who is finishing a phone call, and gets a guarded look on his face when he spots her smiling at him. He asks how she is. Sheila’s great and just got a whole lot better. Finn doesn’t want to be rude, but asks what she’s doing there. She was just having lunch and promises it was just a coincidence — she’s not stalking him. Sheila promises to get out of sight before Steffy arrives, but Finn admits he’s solo. Sheila asks to join him, even if it’s just a quick conversation. “I’m your mother. I miss you so much.” She’d love to catch up and maybe see a photo of Hayes. Sheila’s willing to beg.
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Jack lurks as Sheila and Finn sit down together and Sheila gushes about how impressed she is by the man Finn’s become; it makes her realize she made the right choice and let go of the regret. Finn asks, “So you regret it? Giving me up for adoption?” Sheila confirms she does. Finn asks why she didn’t raise him. “Was it because of my biological father?” Sheila glances in Jack’s direction as Finn asks if she loved him and if he loved her. He’s wondered about him as he did her. Even though she’s not the woman he imagined it’s been good to meet her and see her face, know her name. Finn wonders if he’s already met his father and asks if there’s more to her relationship with Deacon than she’s letting on. “Is Deacon Sharpe my father?” Sheila swears he’s not. Finn asks, “Well then who?” He’s ready for more… the whole story. “Tell me who my father is. I want the truth.” In the background, Jack grimaces.

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