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At Forrester Creations, Ridge does an adjustment on a model’s gown and she exits as Steffy walks in. Ridge tells his daughter he can’t concentrate. Steffy exclaims, “What is Hope thinking inviting Deacon back into her life?!” Ridge says Deacon’s playing her and it’s working. Steffy thinks Brooke needs to do something. Ridge explains she doesn’t want to push her daughter away. Steffy argues this isn’t about Hope, it’s about the kids. Justin appears. Ridge has another job for him… he wants him to keep an eye on someone.
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Talk turns to Steffy feeling unsafe sending the kids to the cabin if Deacon’s around and associating with Sheila. Ridge agrees. He understands what Hope is feeling, but doesn’t want her — or anyone — to get hurt. Justin questions Deacon getting hooked up with Sheila, so Steffy and Ridge explain that they apparently were writing letters when he was in prison and now claim to be a couple. Justin says he’ll do some digging and leaves. Steffy rants about Hope giving Deacon access to the kids — she can’t even imagine what Liam’s going through.

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At the cabin, Brooke tells Hope she knows how charming Deacon can be; his words moved her… and they were meant to move her. Hope insists her father loves her and she is not being manipulated. If Brooke can’t be welcoming to her father than perhaps it is best that she, Liam and the kids move out. Brooke asks what Liam thinks. Hope explains he’s on a business trip. Brooke thinks it will bring up a lot of concerns. As they debate, Liam comes through the door. Hope rushes over to greet him and he asks, “So tell me, what did I miss?” Hope has something to discuss with him. She explains she made a decision last night, but it’s a talk they should have alone. Brooke asks Hope to promise to listen to Liam’s concerns and then goes.
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Hope informs Liam that this will impact their family and there will be details to work out, but she wants him to hear her out. Liam urges her to “just say it.” Hope says it’s about her dad; it’s about Deacon, and making him a part of her life. Liam reminds her he’s a criminal and people typically don’t want criminals around their families. He doesn’t believe Deacon is reformed, but Hope insists she’s seen another side to him. “He wants to better himself and he wants to turn his life around.” Liam groans as she says Deacon looks at her the way a father should look at a daughter; like Liam looks at Beth. “I would not let my dad anywhere my children if I thought he was a threat, but he isn’t! He loves them.” Hope knows he wants to be a grandfather to Beth and Douglas and she wants that too.

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In the Forrester office, Steffy declares, “Liam doesn’t want Deacon around his family.” Ridge complains that Deacon’s presence reminds Brooke of the biggest betrayal she ever made. Brooke comes in and Steffy and Ridge are upset to hear that Hope hasn’t changed her mind. Ridge reminds Brooke they know what he’s capable of. Brooke says Hope is determined to believe he’s changed. He claims to be done with Sheila and is determined to win Hope’s trust. Steffy feels there’s one more person who can get through to her — Liam. Brooke reveals that he just got home from a business trip and they’re discussing it. Ridge rants about Hope bringing this guy into all of their lives. Steffy feels she needs to realize this endangers the children. Brooke’s concerned this will cause problems between Hope and Liam, if she’s really that determined to have her father in her life.
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At the cabin, Hope reminds Liam that his father has also done things he’s not proud of and they let him around the kids. She believes her dad has changed. “We know what it’s like… making mistakes and wanting to make up for them.” She laughs, “We’re all about second chances. Look at your dad. His last stunt landed you in jail and we forgave him.” Liam says that’s fair. He’s taken aback, however, when she talks about moving out because Brooke and Ridge won’t allow Deacon on the premises. Hope makes a case for supporting Deacon, which could really make a difference. Liam says it’s not her job to rehabilitate him. Hope states that she’s his daughter. She doesn’t want this to come between them, but she really believes if they could just give Deacon a chance… “Just say you’ll give him that. Say Deacon can be a part of our family.”

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