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At Brooke’s place, Hope and Ridge argue about Deacon. Hope cares about what kind of man he is now. No one is going to tell her whether or not she can have her dad in her life, “And that includes you, Ridge!” Forrester rants that she can’t endanger her children by having Deacon around the house. Hope hollers back that Deacon’s never endangered a child. She informs him it’s not his decision to make. Her father will be a part of her family’s life and her life, whether Ridge approves or not!
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Ridge doesn’t think it will fly with Liam, but Hope insists he’ll respect her decision. She’d never put her children at risk. If Brooke and Ridge can’t get on board with her decision, it’s best she, Liam and the children move out of the cabin. Brooke asks to speak to Hope alone. Ridge asks Hope, “Don’t do this,” as he walks out.
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Hope doesn’t want to give her mother an ultimatum, but informs Brooke if she can’t support her dad having a place in her life, it’s best that they go.
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Sheila answers her door to Deacon and guesses he went to see Hope and got shot down. Deacon says, “That bastard Ridge did.” He believes he got through to Hope, and is convinced that she wants him in her life. Deacon feels Brooke would get to a place of acceptance too, if it weren’t for Ridge. Sheila’s envious when Deacon reveals that his daughter ended up in his arms and defended him. She can’t understand why he didn’t stand up to Ridge. Deacon loves “both of them” too much to cause them anymore pain. Sheila reminds him this thing with Brooke is a fancy. “You understand that right? Right?!”
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy compliments James on his work. He tells Paris they missed her and Zende at Happy Hour. She assures him they’ll be there next week. James exits and Steffy asks Paris about living with Thomas. “How’s that going?” Paris enthuses that it’s going great and she loves Douglas. There’s no doubt her brother is a caring and loving father. Steffy learns that Douglas asked if Paris was Thomas’ new girlfriend, and Steffy muses, “Sounds like someone has a crush.”
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In the design office, a shirtless Thomas looks at a photo of Paris. Zende comes in and tells him to cover up as he throws a shirt at him. He noticed he was looking at a picture of Paris and notes, “There’s no one quite like her, is there?” Thomas agrees. “No, there isn’t.” Zende goes on about his girlfriend’s good qualities and crows that he’s so blessed to have her in his life. Thomas nods. “You are.” Talk turns to Thomas finding a house as Paris walks in. Zende urges Thomas to light a fire under his realtor so he can have Paris all to himself. Paris wonders what she walked in on and tells Zende all about getting to know the adorable Douglas.Thomas shirtless B&B

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Ridge joins Steffy in the main office and rants that Deacon is playing Hope again. As he goes on about Deacon being incapable of changing, Steffy is appalled to hear that Hope plans to let him around the kids. “Why would she do that?!”
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At Brooke’s place, she tells Hope she doesn’t want them to move out of the cabin. Hope comes unraveled at having to defend her decision and yells, “I don’t need protection from my own father!!” She owes her father a second chance and wants to do this — she needs to do this — even if she gets hurt in the end. Brooke absorbs this as Hope picks up the phone and calls Deacon to ask him to come back.

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At Sheila’s place, Deacon disconnects and tells his roommate he’s going to spend some time with his daughter. “I’ll see ya’.”

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At Brooke’s place, Hope reminds her mother they always talk about being one big loving family and that includes her father too. Brooke remains silent as tears wet her eyes. Soon, Deacon arrives. He wants to know that it’s okay with Brooke that he’s there. Hope interjects that she wants this to be a special time in their lives. She hopes Ridge will come around but she doesn’t need his permission. She believes Deacon that he wants to be a father to her and as long as she’s living there, he will always be welcome. Brooke doesn’t want her and the children to leave. Deacon realizes that Hope threatened to leave because of him. Hope wants Beth and Douglas to know both of their grandparents. Deacon asks Brooke if she can accept this. Brooke doesn’t think Ridge will agree but she supports her daughter. Brooke smiles with tears in her eyes as Hope tells Deacon, “Welcome home!” and they embrace.

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