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At Brooke’s house, she gawps as Deacon hugs Hope and tells her she has no idea what it means to hold her like this. Hope turns to Brooke and asks her to give them a chance to be a real father and daughter again. She thinks Brooke must have had feelings for Deacon at one point. “You created me.” Brooke concedes there were feelings, however misguided. She and Deacon hurt people and she has a lot of regrets, but never their beautiful daughter. Deacon agrees that Hope is the best part of both of them. He knows he’s given her cause to lose faith, and he’s sorry. He’s ready to make up for what he’s done and be worthy of Hope’s love. “I want to earn it. I intend on it.”
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He asks her again to just let him in enough so that he can love their daughter. Hope admits it concerns her that Deacon is involved with Sheila. Deacon says he’s not. He tells Hope and Brooke that they’re family and nothing can ever change that. He wants Brooke to know what’s in his heart, and that’s love for his daughter. He spent a lot of time thinking about what he missed out on in prison and the most important thing was a relationship with his daughter. Hope tells Brooke she wants her father back in her life.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge assures Liam that Brooke will never open the door to Deacon again. Liam muses that he’s the type of guy who keeps coming back. Ridge repeats that Brooke will do everything in her power to keep him away from Hope.
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At Il Giardino, Katie is so sorry to hear from Donna what happened with Eric. She can’t believe he let Quinn bully him into cutting her out of his life. Katie thinks Eric should have defended his relationship with Donna, who has been in his life longer. Donna feels this is not Eric’s fault, it’s all on Quinn. Katie can’t get over her being pushed out of Forrester, she didn’t plan what happened with Eric… in fact, Quinn should be thanking her for it. She can’t believe the audacity of that woman asking Eric to cut Donna out of his life after she had an affair with Carter. Talk turns to Carter and Katie muses that he’s very, very hot. Donna giggles; it’s true. Katie opens up about not being able to trust Bill or his commitment to her after hearing him call Brooke the love of his life. She’s looking forward to a better and brighter future… with a man who loves her and only her.
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In the design office, Carter goes over an idea with James, who mentions, “The one that got away.” Once alone, Carter thinks about Quinn. He turns as she enters the office. He says, “If you’re looking for Eric…” She stops him by saying, “I found what I’m looking for.”
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Quinn worries Carter hates her, but he wouldn’t even know how. Quinn recaps that he brought her back to life — she’s so sorry she broke his heart. Just because she chose to stay with Eric, it doesn’t negate the love they felt for each other. Carter agrees the pull between them was powerful. He was ready to walk away from everything for her, but she made the right decision choosing Eric. That doesn’t change the fact that, once again, he came in second. He’s not feeling sorry for himself; he knew she was married when they got involved. Carter was naïve to believe she’d give that up for him. Quinn insists it was as real as it gets. Katie arrives outside the door as Carter and Quinn go over her decision to stay with her husband. He asks Quinn how she is; she heard they’re still facing challenges. Quinn scoffs that they would be a lot less challenged if the Logan sisters would stay out of their lives. Katie enters and reminds Quinn they’ve cared about Eric for a long time. Maybe if she wants them to back off she should stop giving them reasons to be concerned about him. “If that’s even possible,” she snaps.

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In the main office, Ridge gives James approval on his idea and sends him off. Liam turns the conversation back to Brooke and Deacon. Ridge concedes it wasn’t her finest hour; having an affair with her daughter’s husband. Liam counter that if it hadn’t happened they wouldn’t have Hope. That’s not a world he wants to live in. Ridge concedes that Deacon helped bring Hope into the world, but that doesn’t mean he can be in her life. They have to ensure that Hope doesn’t get caught up in his charm. Liam has to be the last line of defense. Spencer vows to protect his wife, whatever it takes. Ridge is pleased to hear it — between the two of them they’ll keep Deacon away from Hope.

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At Brooke’s house she asks Deacon how they can know it will be different this time. Deacon declares that reflection has showed him that this is what’s important. He’ll never let either one of them down again if they give him this chance to be a father, a grandfather, and even a friend. He needs to prove to himself that he’s worth a damn. Hope tells Brooke if he hurts her again, so be it. “But what if he doesn’t?” Just then, Ridge arrives. He spots Deacon, roars, “What’s he doing here?” and begins to manhandle him toward the door. Brooke stops her husband in his tracks by delivering a scathing, “Leave him alone!”

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