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At Brooke’s place, Hope knows it’s not easy for her mother to talk about that time with Deacon and Bridget. Brooke was worried she was going to lose her. Hope points out that they got through it and though she clearly doesn’t feel for Deacon like she does for Ridge, there must have been something there for them to make Hope. She knows Deacon has his charms. Brooke counters that he also has selfishness and cruelty. Hope wants her to admit she had feelings for Deacon. Brooke finally confesses there was a deep pull between them. She flashes to the intimate times and muses that there was some sweetness and tenderness too. Hope knows he’s made mistakes, but she doesn’t think it’s wrong to give him another chance. “I want a relationship with my father!” Hope gets a text from Amelia and has to go, but asks her mother to at least consider the possibility that Deacon has changed.
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At Sheila’s place, he informs her that they’re not doing this whole idea of them being involved. “We have to tell Hope and Finn the truth.” Sheila holds up her photo-shopped family photo and pleads that they could have “this.” Deacon argues that being associated with her isn’t going to help him win over Hope and Brooke. Sheila cracks up. “You want to win over Brooke? Talk about a table for one.”
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She reminds him the plan is about reconciling with their kids, not getting Brooke in bed. Deacon just wants to get Brooke on board to make things easier. It would be good if Liam was too. He questions Sheila’s plan to get Finn away from Steffy… what then? She’ll have full access to him? Sheila mocks Deacon for wanting Brooke still. Deacon admits she’s the one woman he’s never gotten over. Sheila guffaws, “You and every other man in Los Angeles.” She mocks him and then turns serious. He’s never going to have a relationship with Brooke, or with Hope either, if he doesn’t stick to the plan. Deacon thanks Sheila for everything and walks out.
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At Forrester Creations, Liam arrives to meet Ridge and assumes he’s summoned him because of Sheila and Deacon. Ridge nods. The thought of them as a couple makes Ridge want to throw up in his mouth, but he doesn’t buy it anyway. He’s convinced it’s a con. Liam feels that whatever they’re trying to pull it’s not going to work because none of them will let them get close. Ridge questions what he’ll do if Deacon comes to his door. Liam will slam it in his face. That’s what Ridge wanted to hear. Liam doesn’t want to tell Hope what to do, but this is too important. Ridge doesn’t want to relive the history so he’s keeping Deacon away.
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Brooke is stunned to open her door to Deacon. He explains he came to see Hope… and her. Brooke lets him in but warns Ridge will be home soon. She brings up his “girlfriend” Sheila and Deacon insists he’s done with her. Brooke is glad to hear it but advises he won’t be invited back into the family. Deacon wants to apologize for everything… the man that he was and the pain that he caused. Brooke doesn’t want an apology, she just wants him to leave. Deacon appeals to Brooke’s big heart and hopes that the memory of what they once shared might allow her to forgive him for Hope’s sake. “That’s all I’m asking for.” Brooke wonders if that’s what was in the letters he sent her from prison. Deacon confesses he dreamed of a life with her, with Hope by their side; an actual family. Brooke is stunned.
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Deacon knows she hates him, but he can’t hate him for what they gave each other. Hope is the best version of the two of them, and she came to be because of their love. Brooke gawps, “Deacon please…” Deacon couldn’t leave without letting her know how thankful he is for her, for raising their daughter. He wants to be a part of it; to know their daughter and her kids. “Please believe me when I tell you I’ve changed. I just want a chance to prove it to Hope and to you.” Hope appears and listens as Deacon insists that he wants Hope to know he’s there and will never leave her again. She confronts Brooke and asks her to listen. She needs Deacon… she marvels at the three of them being together and pleads with her mom to let him stay. “My dad is home.” She tears up and throws her arms around Deacon, which makes Brooke shed a tear too.

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