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At the mansion, Hope and Brooke collect clothes to donate to the local mission. Brooke fills Hope in on everything surrounding Eric and Donna. Hope is happy that they get to reconnect. Brooke wonders if she’s thinking of Deacon and doesn’t believe for a second that he and Sheila are involved. Hope demands to know why she’s dead-set against her getting to know her father and suggests there is something more to this for her mother. Brooke doesn’t deny it but still worries about Hope’s feelings. She finally admits it also fills her with a lot of shame. Without Deacon, Brooke wouldn’t have Hope, but his presence here could disrupt her and Ridge — they are in a good place right now. In tears, Hope wants to know, “Was your time with Dad really that bad?” Brooke admits she allowed Deacon to seduce her in ways… with his charm… she was alone… Ridge wasn’t there. “Deacon was there for me,” Brooke says and recalls the first time they made love. “I made a mistake,” Brooke confesses. “The worst betrayal of my life. I slept with my daughter’s husband.” Even so, she assures Hope that she was not a mistake.

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Brooke continues thinking about the complicated — but special — times with Deacon. Hope knows he’s let a lot of people down and has to know that Brooke saw some goodness in him. Brooke reflects on admitting to Deacon that she was pregnant. She tells Hope that Deacon was happy when she told him. He’s had a really hard life and does have some good qualities. If so, why doesn’t Hope get a say in having a relationship with him? She’s been separated from him her whole life and doesn’t deserve it. Brooke thinks about when Deacon held Hope as a baby and begged her to tell their baby girl he loved her then vowed to wait for Brooke when the storm cleared. Brooke wipes away tears as Hope gushes about Deacon — her father. Even though he might let her down, Hope begs her mother to let her be the one to deal with it. “Are you going to rob me of that? My own father?” Hope pleads.

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Sheila picks up after Deacon at the apartment as he reminds her that they are a fake couple. Sheila warns that their kids won’t know the difference if he plays by the book. Deacon thinks they will see right through them. However, Sheila knows they can’t ignore a paper trail — like correspondences between them that would document their love affair. She plans to use the unopened letters he sent to their advantage. Deacon wanted to be honest this time around but Sheila insists, “We’re just telling a story… that’s not going to hurt anyone.” He starts hurling questions about their fake relationship at her and warns against getting caught and screwing up any shot they have with their kids. Sheila says she’s not the same woman anymore and claims she paid for her mistakes. Her other kids want nothing to do with her. Finn is her last chance. She begs Deacon to continue on with the next phase of her plan.

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Katie approaches Donna at Forrester and learns Eric paid her a visit. Katie is furious to hear Eric fired her but Donna says she told him she’d leave — Eric chose Quinn. However, Donna knows he didn’t want her to leave and clarifies that he had no choice.

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Eric arrives home and reports to Quinn that he did what she asked. Quinn assures him she’s not getting any joy out of this. Eric thinks forcing Donn out of the company was too much but Quinn doesn’t think so. “Donna thinks she belongs with you and that’s why she had to go,” Quinn insists and thanks Eric for proving to her that he wants their marriage. She hugs him close but Eric doesn’t appear comforted at all.
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