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At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy marvel over Kelly being ten steps ahead of them on their hike. The conversation turns to protecting the children and keeping Sheila and Deacon out of their lives for good. They go over how weird it is that they’re claiming to be a couple. Liam sniffs that Sheila has proven time and again she has no interest in respecting boundaries. Steffy agrees; she came into her house and was holding her baby. Liam reflects that Deacon just keeps disappointing Hope over and over again. They figure Sheila and Deacon’s romance is an angle, and Steffy muses that it’s right out of Sheila’s playbook. They have to make sure Finn and Hope stay away from Sheila and Deacon. Liam complains that Hope doesn’t want to see Deacon for who he is because she’s a loving daughter. Steffy would probably feel the same, but they have to protect the kids. This is what has to be done. Steffy warns Liam they need to be united on this for the sake of their families.

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In Forrester’s design office, Hope reads a text from Deacon letting her know she’s always on his mind and that he loves her. Finn enters and explains that he came by to see her. Hope shares that her father just messaged her and Finn relays that Sheila’s been reaching out to him as well. He hasn’t responded. They recap Liam and Steffy’s objections and wonder what they’re going to do. Finn wants to know more about Sheila and how she came to be the way she is, but also understands Steffy’s reluctant. Hope says her father’s been labelled a pariah since before she was born. She understands Finn’s dilemma and feels it too. Finn thinks they’re stuck in the middle of their parents and spouses. Talk turns to their supposed romance and Finn shrugs that he would like to see them happy. Hope worries whether they’re a good influence on one another. Finn feels it’s possible they are rehabilitated. He might be willing to give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Hope might too, but Steffy and Liam don’t believe their parents deserve a second chance.

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In the main office, Donna tells Brooke how furious Quinn was at her. Katie enters, having come from Il Giardino, and notices something is wrong, Donna explains that Quinn was there and knows what happened with her and Eric. Donna was honestly afraid for her life. They debate whether what happened was innocent or not. Katie feels that on one level it was profound. If Eric loved Quinn once, it is gone now. “Eric belongs with you,” she tells Donna. Katie insists that this is Donna and Eric’s moment. Donna wonders at the possibility that his marriage to Quinn is over… she may have a glimmer of hope. Brooke and Katie cheer her on to have faith that it’s going to happen.
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn recaps that Eric was able to get aroused with Donna and not her. She thinks the Logan is trying to sabotage their marriage and wants him to promise he’s not going to let it happen! Quinn insists if Eric respects her and their marriage he will fire Donna right away. She challenges Eric to prove she’s a priority to him by putting the Logan out of Forrester.
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Eric interrupts the Logan sisters as they encourage Donna. He asks for a moment alone with his ex-wife, so Brooke and Katie happily scurry out. Donna warns Eric that Quinn knows what happened with them. “I’m so sorry.” Eric knows she overheard him and Brooke talking, that’s why he wanted to see her. Donna assures him she would never interfere with his marriage… all they shared was an innocent hug. She tried to explain that to Quinn. Eric knows; he did as well, but she doesn’t believe it and is very upset. He’s had time to think about himself and moving forward in his life and he’s made a decision. “You know how much you mean to me.” He says she brought him back to life; he feels reborn. Eric loves her and is so grateful. Donna is encouraged as he say he wanted to talk to her about their past, everything they’ve been though, and their future.
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In the design office, Finn and Hope discuss the intricacies of trying to stand by their partner but also get to know their estranged parents. Hope muses that Ridge was a good stepfather, but Deacon is her father and she wants to believe he’s changed. Finn feels comforted knowing Sheila’s not alone; he feels like a jerk every time he rebuffs her. Steffy arrives outside in time to hear Hope complain about being forbidden to see their parents. She storms in and reminds her how diabolical Sheila is before warning her to stay out of her marriage with her terrible advice!

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn flashes to overhearing Brooke tell Eric he should be with Donna, and ordering him to fire his ex.

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