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In the Forrester Creations office, Quinn hollers at Donna and warns her that she’ll make sure that Eric never hears from her or sees her ever again. Donna stammers that she wants to get back to her desk, but Quinn keeps getting in her face. She won’t have her making moves on her husband and will make her pay! Donna protests that she and Eric only shared a hug. Quinn sneers, “It must have been some hug.”
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Donna understands how she could feel hurt. Quinn doesn’t want to hear her excuses and rants at how she and her sisters look down their noses at her. She’s owned up to her mistakes, but it doesn’t justify her going after her husband. Donna protests. Quinn thinks it must really bother her that Eric wants to be saddled for life with a piece of trash like her. Donna never called her that. Quinn scoffs that it’s written all over her face. She doesn’t have to come out and tell her how awful she is, because that’s what Brooke and Katie do… Donna just waited for her chance to pounce. “I will not let you steal my husband.” If that means she has to eliminate Donna from their lives forever, then so be it. Quinn exits, leaving Donna gasping and in tears.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Brooke debate whether or not he should be honest with Quinn about what happened with Donna. Brooke’s concerned she’ll go after her sister. Eric will make it clear Donna did nothing wrong; Brooke has no reason to be worried. She reminds him when Quinn feels wronged or slighted, she goes off on people and can be dangerous. Eric gives her a peck and a hug and assures her it’s going to be okay. Brooke leaves Eric standing in the living room thinking.
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At Il Giardino, Katie notes that Carter’s holding her hand. He asks if it’s okay. She doesn’t mind a bit. Their food comes and they dish on Eric’s physical reaction to Donna while they eat. Katie wonders how he would feel if Quinn suddenly became available, though she thinks he deserves someone better… who puts him first. Carter recaps that if Quinn had said “yes” to him, he’d have left town with her, but she didn’t… she went back to Eric. He muses that he enjoys talking to Katie and is hoping for more of it. She feels it’s a safe bet.

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Carter thinks Katie is special; he was never convinced Bill was worthy of her. He lists her attributes at length and says that though she may feel she’s been in Brooke and Donna’s shadow, “I see you.” Katie’s flattered that she caught his attention and says the feeling is mutual. Carter is looking forward and sees good things ahead. Katie smiles, “It’s funny, so am I.”
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Brooke finds Donna in the office with no appetite. Brooke learns that Quinn was there and she knows what happened with Donna and Eric. Donna declares that there’s something seriously wrong with that woman. Brooke asks what happened and learns that she wouldn’t let her sister leave the office and got in her face. “She pinned me up against that desk with a frickin’ chair.” Brooke asks how she found out and Donna explains she overheard her talking to Eric last night. Brooke gawps, “Oh.”

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Quinn arrives at home where Eric senses something is wrong. She asks, “When were you going to tell me… about you and Donna?” She overheard him and Brooke talking. Eric insists it’s not what she’s thinking. Quinn recaps that he couldn’t make “it” happen with her, but he could with Donna Logan. She’s happy for him that he was able to feel something, and supposes the problem he was having must have been about her and not him. Eric insists what happened with Donna was innocent. They’ve been talking lately and she’s been concerned with him. He held her and something did happen. Quinn adds, “Twice.” She marvels that the first time must have been the night he swept into the house wanting to take her upstairs to make love to her. “That was about Donna.” Eric protests; he wanted to make love to Quinn. He argues that Donna did nothing wrong, but Quinn feels the Logans have tried to sabotage their marriage from day one. She hopes one day it will happen for them again, but in the meantime, she doesn’t want to see Donna’s face ever again. She doesn’t want him to see her ever again except to tell her to clean her things out of her desk and leave Forrester Creations for good. If their marriage has any chance to survive, he must tell Donna to get out of the company and their lives forever!

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