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In Sheila’s room, Deacon realizes she wants him to help ruin his daughter’s marriage. He needs a drink and tells Sheila, “You’re bonkers, lady!” Sheila insists that the kiss Finn and Hope saw will get everyone talking. Deacon is extremely skeptical. Sheila announces that she wants to be his girlfriend—with all the side benefits. “You’ve been locked away a long time, Deacon. Wouldn’t you like to have your way with me?” She moves in close, “Or maybe I’ll have my way with you.” She closes in on him, and then backs off cackling while he exhales and rolls his eyes. He tells her play time is over and she giggles that he has no idea what she’s capable of.
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Deacon still can’t understand what this supposed romance of theirs has to do with Hope and Finn. Sheila explains that Steffy and Liam will be very upset about it, and she’s counting on Hope and Finn to defend them. “They want to trust us; they want to believe we’re redeemable.” She goes no to theorize that it’s going to create tension in their relationships and clear the way for them to be a part of their lives. Sheila can see Deacon is dubious, so asks for his input. They could always kidnap Steffy and Liam and leave them on a deserted island to rot. Deacon hopes she’s kidding because he’s not doing anything to land him back in jail. He thinks her scheme is ridiculous, but she’s certain the buzz is already starting. Soon, they’ll be relevant, not on the sidelines like they are right now. Deacon sees a photo Sheila put together of them together as a family. Sheila calls him ‘honey’ as she explains this is going to happen. “I’m going to make that happen. Nothing and no one will stand in my way.”
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At the cliff house, Finn and Hope agree they need to tell Liam and Steffy what they saw even knowing it’s not going to go down well. Steffy and Liam arrive and ask to hear the latest. Finn explains that they went to Il Giardino and while they were there, they saw something unusual. Steffy guesses, “Sheila?!” They add that Deacon was also there. Steffy hopes he didn’t talk to his birth mother. Finn and Hope go on to explain that Deacon and Sheila were “together, together.” Liam and Steffy gawp when they clarify that they are romantically involved and were kissing.

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Liam panics when Hope then says she had no choice but to confront them. He asks what they said. Hope relays that Sheila claimed they were in love. Steffy and Liam hope they’re not buying it—it’s a scam. They’re up to something. Steffy hopes they can see that, and Liam adds, “Please tell us you see that.” He scoffs at the idea that Sheila would end up with Deacon of all people. Finn insists they were skeptical, but they were together even before they went over there. Steffy throws up her hands and exclaims in frustration and Liam declares they need to stay away… for the sake of the family. “Just stay away!”
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn updates Shauna that Eric has the desire to make love, he just isn’t able to. She’s not giving up and feels this was a big step. Shauna wonders what changed in Eric for him to suddenly believe he could make love to her. Quinn looks at a photo of her and Eric in happier times. She thought it was going to be like this again. Shauna learns that Quinn told him she loved him and urged him not to put so much pressure on himself. She still wonders what happened to make him believe he could kickstart his love life again.
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At Forrester Creations, Eric confided in Donna that nothing happened between him and Quinn last night. He frets that she has to be wondering why he came home so hopeful last night, but he couldn’t tell her what happened in this office… that it happened with Donna, and only Donna. The blonde is sorry that things didn’t go as he hoped. Eric admits that after he failed to perform with Quinn, he laid there and couldn’t stop thinking about what happened between him and Donna yesterday. Donna’s crystal ball tells her it won’t be long until he and Quinn reconnect. She hopes so… for his sake, not Quinn’s.

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Donna hates that Quinn caused him pain—that broke her heart. She doesn’t really understand why he took her back, but she just wants joy and happiness for him. “That’s what I will always want for you.” Eric’s amused to hear that she and Pam agree that he needs protection from Quinn. He takes Donna’s hand and tells her he appreciates her candor. She trips and winds up closer to him. Eric muses over her saying she’s still in love with him. Donna reflects, “Just like I’ll always be clumsy, I’ll always love my honey bear.” Eric says sometimes he thinks it may be true that he stayed in his marriage to Quinn because he feared being alone. Donna gasps. So many people love him… he will never be alone. She takes him in her arms and Eric’s expression indicates that he’s aroused again.
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In her living room, Quinn looks up at her portrait thoughtfully.

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