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At her desk, Donna opens her drawer, looks at the honey, and thinks of Eric. Brooke appears and notes she’s in early. “Eric’s not in yet?” Donna says he’s not. He must have had a big night… with Quinn. Brooke asks why she’d think that. Donna muses that Eric was in a good mood yesterday; maybe they were able to reconnect. “It was really good to see him so happy.”
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In the Forrester living room, Quinn embraces Eric, who looks guilty over her shoulder. They part, and she tells him not to be sad. It made her happy that he was so excited and wanted to try again. Shauna arrives, so Eric heads to the office.
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Shauna asks Quinn how it went last night, and her pal tells her that she thought they were going to have a breakthrough, but nothing’s changed. “Eric still can’t be intimate.” She was encouraged by how much he wanted her, and Shauna is glad she’s not giving up. Quinn will never give up on him. She talks about making it past the hurdle of her affair with Carter and growls about Brooke trying to undermine her. Quinn doesn’t know what made Eric think he could make love to her again last night, but whatever it was, she’s grateful.
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At the cliff house, Finn and Hope are still trying to process seeing Deacon and Sheila together at the restaurant. Hope asks if he thinks it’s true that their parents are actually a couple. Finn finds the whole situation bizarre. “Do we believe them?” He points out they were already at Il Giardino together when they arrived. Finn wants to believe they’re being truthful. He can’t see how they’d benefit from pretending, and doubts Deacon would jeopardize the progress he’s made with Hope by lying about an affair. Hope recaps that Liam and Steffy don’t want them talking to their parents, and wonders how they’d react if they tell them about what they saw. They decide they have to tell their spouses; it’s not like they did anything wrong at the restaurant.

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In Sheila’s room, she greets Deacon as he wakes up on the couch. They get into it about the “stunt” she pulled yesterday as Deacon asks why the hell she kissed him and told everyone they’re in love. He gathers it’s part of her master plan. Sheila admits she improvised. She refuses to let the Forresters stand in the way of them being with their kids. Sheila reminds Deacon they’re better together, but Deacon feels the two of them together are like a toxic waste dump. She taunts Deacon about not being able to get past Hope’s gatekeeper, Liam, and stresses that the family is doing everything in their power to keep her from him.

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Deacon still doesn’t understand why she kissed him. Sheila asks him to imagine if Finn and Hope were a couple. “Imagine if they were together.” If they were a pair, they’d get to see them and their grandbabies whenever they wanted! Deacon’s not looking to cause any problems for Hope. Sheila argues that they want to see them but they’re being forbidden and shamed for it. Deacon is doubtful as Sheila vows their kids will defend them and it will cause problems in their marriages. “My son and your daughter could end up looking at each other with a new set of eyes.” Deacon rants about being homewreckers. “All you do is think of yourself, and then you again” Sheila denies it. She knows this won’t be easy and seethes, “We have to stick together.”

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Eric arrives at the office, where Brooke corners him. She says that Donna had reason to think he and Quinn may have had a big night. Gathering that it didn’t happen, Brooke talks about his issue and proposes, “What if it isn’t you? What if it’s Quinn?” She explains that Eric’s always been a passionate man; maybe there’s an emotional block where Quinn is concerned. Brooke knows how Donna feels about him and believes she could bring joy, happiness and passion back into his life.
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Donna intervenes between Eric and Brooke, who tells him to think about what she said and exits. Donna learns that Eric didn’t tell Quinn about their breakthrough. She feels he must have had a great night. Eric notes that Donna always wants what’s best for him, but admits it didn’t really happen with Quinn last night. “It only happened with you. With you, Donna.”
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