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At Forrester Creations, Eric becomes aroused while licking honey off Donna’s fingers. He admits he’s feeling something he never thought he’d feel again. Donna’s so pleased for him. He asks to hold her for a minute. Donna replies, “Oh my God, yes! I’ve been waiting for this…” Eric embraces her and grins from ear to ear. He raves that he feels so vital and alive, and Donna chimes in, “And sexy!” Eric marvels that the way she looks at him, never judging… it’s changed his life now. “I have to get home and tell my wife!” he exclaims. Donna covers her dismay and says, “Anything for my honey bear.” After he leaves, she looks hurt.
Eric, Donna office B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn reports to Shauna that there’s been no change in Eric’s condition. Shauna asks how she’s feeling about the Carter situation. She knows it must be difficult for her friend knowing her husband can’t make love to her ever again. Quinn crows about the companionship she and Eric share. Shauna points out it’s important to have a sex life. Quinn’s not resigned to a life of holding his hand; things can change. “Maybe that change will happen as early as tonight,” she muses.
Quinn confide Shauna B&B

In the design office, Brooke, Charlie and Pam discuss how untrustworthy Quinn is, and Pam questions how he really feels about her now, after all the things she’s done over the years. Brooke doesn’t think Quinn even knows the meaning of the word love, but Charlie argues that she loves Eric in her own way… and they can’t doubt her love for Wyatt. Brooke assures them if she told them what Quinn did, their jaws would drop to the floor. She doesn’t know what binds them together, but it’s not love. “It can’t be.”

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At Il Giardino, Hope informs Sheila and Deacon that she’s not buying that they’re in love… not even for a second! Finn agrees; it’s impossible. Then asks Hope, “But why would they lie about it?” Hope replies, “Because it’s Sheila.” Sheila feigns being wounded by the remark and goes over how she and Deacon fell in love while writing letters. Deacon chimes in, “It happened fast.”

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Hope wonders what it is with Sheila; she just happened to be Finn’s birth mother and now she’s claiming she and her father are in love. Sheila gushes that these are the things that make life interesting. “Life can change on a dime,” she philosophizes. Hope narrows her eyes over Optimistic Sheila. The brunette goes on that she found her son… and she found love. Finn wonders if this could possibly be true. Sheila moons over her son. Hope asks Deacon, “Really?” Deacon and Sheila insist it was unexpected. Sheila wants them to just be happy for them; they paid their debt to society and want a chance to prove they deserve love and to be with their children. She turns to Deacon, “Right baby?” Deacon agrees, “Yeah.”
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Brooke joins Donna in the main office and asks if she got through to Eric. “You made an impact!” Donna shares that they had a wonderful moment, but then he went home to his wife. Brooke sighs. She was hoping Eric would come to his senses. She thinks he’s confused between commitment and true love. Brooke senses Donna is holding something back. Donna doesn’t want to get into the details, but Brooke presses, “What is it?!” She reminds her sister she was the one who pushed her to come clean about her feelings; if something happened she deserves to know! Donna gives in and reveals that she told Eric he was the love of her life. When she got misty and looked in her purse for a tissue there was a honey bear bottle. Brooke asks, “How did he react?” Donna will keep that to herself, but says they had a private exchange. “If I helped him in any way at all, I’m happy.” Brooke tells her if she really wants to be with Eric, she’ll have to be more assertive. Donna just wants him to be happy. “He’s a married man.”
Brooke, Donna update B&B

A jubilant Eric arrives at home and calls out for Quinn. She comes down the stairs and he stops her so he can take a nice long look at her. When she joins him, she senses a “shift.” Eric had a wonderful day and couldn’t wait to get home to her. He’s not interested in dinner and plants a passionate kiss on her, before suggesting they take “this” upstairs to the bedroom. Quinn gawps, “Seriously?!” She leads him up the stairs.
Eric, Quinn surprise B&B

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In the bedroom, Eric’s in silk pyjamas and Quinn’s in lingerie. She asks what inspired this change. Eric had a great day and thinks the “old” Eric is back. Quinn says she loves him, and they start kissing passionately. Quinn gasps that she wants him to make love to her. Eric grins.

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