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At Steffy’s place, she and Liam agree that they want to spend this time together with Kelly more often. They’re pleased that their significant others are supportive and wonder if they’re discussing it at lunch. Steffy hopes they’re talking about keeping Sheila and Deacon out of their lives. Liam muses that’s the one thing they have in common — ex-con parents. He’s certain Hope will convince Finn he should be nowhere near Sheila. Steffy worries that Sheila, Deacon, or both of them will worm their way back into their lives. If they hatch a scheme when Hope and Finn are at their weakest, they’ll all pay the price!
Steffy, Liam talk B&B

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At Il Giardino, Sheila prompts a freaked out Deacon to kiss her this time. Hope and Finn look on, stunned, as he plants one on her.
Finn, Hope watch Sheila, Deacon B&B

At their table, Sheila tells Deacon to keep his eyes on her — the woman of his dreams. Finn wants to leave, but Hope is bound and determined to confront her dad. She storms over to the table and demands to know what Deacon is doing there with Sheila! Deacon chuckles that he’s not usually a PDA kind of guy and introduces himself to Finn after Sheila pretends to be surprised that her son’s there too. Sheila explains that when Deacon was in prison they were corresponding. Hope gathers that’s she’s implying that they’re a… Sheila interrupts, “Yes! We’re a couple.” She leans her head on Deacon’s shoulder.
Sheila, Deacon shoulder B&B

Hope and Finn wonder if they really expect them to believe that the two of them, of all people, are together. Sheila giggles about Deacon’s wit and alludes to conjugal visits before Hope stops her. Deacon tells Sheila she should explain the whole thing. Sheila weaves a tale. She initially contacted Deacon because she got the blame when he shot at Quinn and it grew into… love. Hope gawps, “Love? You’re in love?”

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At Forrester Creations, Eric joins Brooke and Donna in the office. Donna sighs, “You heard, didn’t you?” Eric replies, “That this beautiful woman still loves me after all these years? Yes.”

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In the corridor, Pam tells Charlie she’s going to have to check Donna’s drawer for the scissors. She does so, and unearths a container of honey. She thinks it makes her feel closer to Eric. Charlie questions, “After all these years, she’s never gotten over him?!”

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In the office, Donna tries to make a hasty retreat as Brooke points out she’s embarrassed. She urges her sister to talk to Eric, and for Eric to listen — Donna is the kind of woman he needs in his life. Brooke croons, “Eric, you know what kind of woman Donna is.” She muses about him spending time with woman that aren’t like her and suggests if he spends time with someone more tender his problems will go away. Once alone, Donna assures Eric she meant it when she said she still cares for him. That will never change.
Eric, Donna confession B&B

Brooke walks out into the hallway, where Charlie, still holding the honey, startles. Brooke asks if they’re going through her sister’s things. She explains that Donna is in the office with Eric, and Pam pushes her to spill the beans about what’s going on. Brooke takes her into the design office as Charlie tucks the honey back in the drawer.

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In the design office, Pam wants to know if Donna’s finally confessing her feelings to Eric. Brooke is reluctant to talk, but Pam assures her she’s on board with a Donna and Eric pairing. Charlie joins them in time to remind them that Eric has a wife. Brooke doesn’t think anyone would mind if Quinn was out of the picture, and Pam reflects on how withdrawn Eric has been. Brooke questions if Eric really loves Quinn and whether he might move on if he knew someone like her sister loves him.
Brooke, Charlie, Pam B&B

In the office, Donna gets Eric laughing and muses that she’s missed that laugh and smile lately. Eric is truly flattered by her expressing her feelings. Donna’s glad because she meant it — he really is the true love of her life and there’s no point in trying to hide it. Donna tears up as she tells him that their marriage were some of the best times of her life. She opens her handbag to get a tissue and awkwardness ensues — she has a container of honey in it. Eric marvels at her keeping honey available at all times. Donna admits she has a stash. “When I’m missing you…” She stammers, “I, uh…” She opens the honey, puts some on her finger, and licks it. “I do this.” It remind her of better times. Eric asks, “May I?” He does the honors with the honey and Donna realizes by his expression, “You’re remembering.” Horns play as Eric declares, “I’m more than remembering.”

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