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At Il Giardino, Katie, Brooke and Donna giggle over brunch. Brooke and Donna ask Katie if she spoke to Carter. She says she did… and was a little surprised about Carter and his feelings for Quinn. “He really loved her.” Brooke can’t imagine someone like Carter falling for Quinn, but Katie replies that he was following his heart — something Brooke is familiar with. Katie continues that she found herself sympathising with him. She realized they had more in common than she thought. Donna and Brooke exchange a look. Katie recounts that Carter struck a nerve by bringing up Bill and she told him how painful it’s been and that she’s lonely. Their conversation was kind of cathartic and she believes it was for Carter too. He wants to find a person to spend his life with and so does she. More and more, she’s not sure that person is Bill.
Brooke quizzes Katie B&B

In the Forrester living room, Carter goes over business with Eric and Ridge. Eric wants him to run it by Quinn as well since it involves the jewelry line. Ridge smirks, “Where is Quinn anyway?” Eric cautions him about snark, but turns to Carter and asks him if he’s moved on from his feelings for his wife.
Carter questioned B&B

Carter isn’t sure how to answer, but says it’s no secret that his feelings for Quinn went beyond the physical. He is in the process of moving on, and has realized that what Eric thought he was okay with, wasn’t okay. Carter is deeply sorry for his actions. Eric still wonders if he has residual feelings for Quinn, and if he always will. Carter assures Ridge and Eric that he and Quinn are done. He’s moving forward and not looking back.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Hope wonder why Paris and Zende aren’t at the meeting. Thomas knows she was with Zende last night and supposes she’s still there. They call Charlie in to ask him, but he hasn’t seen them. After he exits, Thomas muses about Paris spending their first night as roommates elsewhere. Hope smiles; their night must have been memorable.
Thomas grin at Hope B&B

At Zende’s place, he and Paris canoodle after taking their relationship to the next level. She reminds him they’re late for the Hope for the Future meeting. Zende responds, “Just so you know, I’ve found my hope for the future.” They kiss.
Paris, Zende canoodle B&B

In the main office, Charlie rejoins Hope and Thomas to report there’s no sign of Zende and Paris, and offering to put out an APB on them. Hope assures him that won’t be necessary. Charlie goes and Hope and Thomas look at Zende’s latest design, which is more symmetrical than is typical. Suddenly, Paris and Zende arrive with the excuse that they over-slept. Thomas takes Paris out of the office to chat, and Hope chides Zende for his reason for being late. Zende apprises her that his future has become clear… and it’s all about Paris. Hope is happy for them. They talk about how great Paris is and Hope remarks that even Zende’s curmudgeonly cousin thinks she’s special. This gives Zende pause for thought. He asks Hope if she thinks he needs to be concerned about Paris living with Thomas. Hope assures him that Thomas is happy for them.

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In the design office, Thomas lets Paris know how much he thinks of her work, but cautions against coming in late with excuses. “I know you didn’t come home last night.” He jokes about taking a page out of Zende’s playbook and tells her, “Zende is one lucky guy.”
Paris didnt come home B&B

At Il Giardino, talk turns to Sheila and Deacon slithering back into their lives. Brooke and Ridge are determined to protect their kids, whatever it takes. Donna reports that she’s reorganized her closet for the hundredth time. Her sisters urge her to put herself out there and find someone new, but she shrugs. There’s only one man for her — her honey bear. Brooke feels he’ll never be truly happy with Quinn. Donna wonders how Quinn gets two terrific guys like Eric and Carter. Talk turns to how gorgeous Carter is and Katie offers to get the check as Donna and Brooke take off. Once alone, Katie flashes to her conversation with Carter about being unlucky in love.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Ridge that he’s sure Carter will be okay and find love… maybe sooner than they think.

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At Il Giardino, Carter appears and asks if he can join Katie. She decides to stay and invites him to sit down. “It’s always nice to have company.” Katie apologizes for going off on him about Quinn. Carter chuckles, “You’re a very passionate woman,” and says he’s sorry for making assumptions about her life. Katie realized they have a lot more in common than what they thought. Carter muses, “It’s no fun being alone, is it?” Katie smiles, “We’re not alone now.” Carter grins back at her.

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