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In Forrester Creations’ main office, Bill tells Brooke he needs help; it’s come to the point where he fears he may lose Katie for good. He explains that his arrest didn’t help and pleads, “I need to get her back.” Bill scoffs that she claims to want something different. Ridge interjects, “You can’t really blame her.” He points out Bill left a man on the side of the road. Bill is a changed man — he just needs a chance to prove it. Brooke thinks if Bill truly means that, Katie will see it. Bill needs Brooke to talk to her for him. “Please. I can’t live the rest of my life without my Katie.”
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At Carter’s, he relays to Katie that he wanted to run away with Quinn. He thought what they had was love, but he must have been wrong because she’s back with Eric and he’s all alone again. He never wanted to hurt Eric or upset Ridge, or any of them… he just wanted a turn. “I thought this time would be different. I thought I would finally get what I’ve been searching for.” Carter laments that he keeps looking for love in the wrong places and this time he hurt people he cared about. He adds, “I really did think… nevermind.”
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Carter complains that Katie came there to judge him, when she’s had it so good. Katie’s taken aback. “Excuse me?” If he thinks she’s had it good, he doesn’t know her very well at all! Katie explains her issues with Bill. Carter’s jealous she had something; anything. He wants to know what it’s like to be important to someone. Katie would like that too, because she’s only important to Bill when he can’t have her. She buys his lines and then he hurts her again. She rants that she always takes him back because he promises that “this time” he won’t let her down. Katie tears up over trying to hang onto something that she lost a long time ago. Carter didn’t realize… Katie doesn’t have some kind of perfect life. Most of the time love, to her, feels like waiting for the other shoe to drop. “You love, and then you lose. Love and loss. Love is loss!”
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Carter asks if she really believes that. Katie smirks, “We can’t all be Brooke Logan right.” Men live and breathe for her. Carter wanted to do that for Zoe, and Quinn even more so. He wants someone to fight for him and give up anything. “I guess that woman doesn’t exist.” Carter apologizes for bringing up her marriage, but even if it didn’t work out at least she got a shot. He never got that. “You have no idea how lonely I feel.” Katie argues the point. Bill is really good at making you feel completely invisible. She’s never felt so alone in her life, “So please don’t make assumptions about me.” Carter says she just caught him at a bad time. Katie doesn’t like seeing him in pain and urges him not to give up on love. Carter chuckles, “After the way you described it?” Katie teases that he caught her on a bad day. Carter waxes on about finding a woman who wants commitment and family. “Is that too much to ask?” Maybe his destiny is to be alone. Katie doesn’t believe in destiny and thinks maybe they’re just lucky in love. She apologizes for barging in and judging him. Carter accepts and says, “Next time, consider yourself invited.”

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Hope arrives at Thomas’ door, which he answers shirtless. Once inside she spots women’s clothing on the floor and gathers since he’s half-dressed that she’s interrupting something. Thomas explains they are Paris’ clothes. Hope is stunned as he goes on to say things escalated kind of fast and they’re living together now. After he clarifies off screen, Hope laughs that he really had her going there. She worries that Zende will have more of an issue with it than he lets on. Thomas insists that Zende told him he’s not jealous in any way. He’s his cousin and he trusts him. Paris is crazy about Zende. “He has nothing to worry about.”
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At Zende’s place, Paris lets him know their relationship is a path she wants to stay on. They get online and Zende learns she’s set up a scholarship fund in his name for orphans. He’s blown away and kisses her to show his thanks. The mood turns romantic as the kisses become deeper and they begin undressing. Zende lowers Paris onto the bed amid the candlelight to make love to her. After sex, Zende muses that he was right about how big this night would be for them. Paris murmurs, “Life-changing.”
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