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At Forrester Creations, Quinn is working away when Ridge comes in. “We need to talk.” She tells him it’s not a good time, but he doesn’t care. She thinks Eric made it perfectly clear that their marriage is not Ridge’s concern. Ridge feels his father needs protection from her, though she debates the point. He complains that she’s still in bed with Carter and declares that she failed the test of whether or not she’d really be there for his father. Quinn loves Eric, though won’t deny she has feelings for Carter as well. She invites Ridge to think what he wants — she and Eric are secure in their marriage. Quinn reminds him that she’s not the one making Eric feel bad and says she’s going home to her husband.
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At the Forrester mansion, Katie knows Eric has been going through a difficult time, but she has some questions. “I still have trouble with what you told me about Quinn and Carter.” Eric’s not sure anyone outside the situation can understand. He explains Quinn is not cheating on him. Katie asks, “Because you know about it.” Eric didn’t just step aside, he encouraged them to be together. Katie probes, “Why? Why, Eric?” Talk turns to the time when Eric was alone in the house, which was painful. When Quinn came back, she brought life back to the place, and to him. Katie wonders if they’re just sharing space or plans for the future. “Do you really truly love and trust Quinn?” Just then, Quinn walks in. “Katie, you’re becoming a regular fixture around her.” Eric pipes up that she’s welcome whenever she likes. Quinn wonders if she’s there to share her opinions on their lives. Katie’s there because she cares about Eric. “I wonder if I can say the same about you, Quinn?”
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At his apartment, Thomas can’t understand how he lost out on the house. He wanted the place so bad. Paris is sorry and says she’ll take her things and go. They go over the seller changing their mind again. Paris is about to call her friend to say she’ll still need her room, but Thomas asks her not to do that. “Don’t leave.” He’s already signed the agreement with her. Paris urges him to tear it up and tries to cheer him up. Thomas can stay with his dad or his sister. Paris will only agree to stay there if he does too. It has two bedrooms and Douglas is already familiar with it. “I insist.” Thomas protests but Paris won’t kick him out of his apartment. Thomas concedes he’s a pretty good roommate and Douglas thinks he’s a good chef. He’ll stay, but it will be temporary. It will be nice to have some company.
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Carter opens his door to Ridge, who wonders if he’s disappointed. Was she expecting his girlfriend — or should he say his father’s wife? Carter senses he wants to talk but won’t let him attack Quinn. Ridge mutters about him protecting her. He declares that what they’re doing is wrong. If Carter doesn’t agree, there’s nothing left for him to talk about. Ridge complains that none of this makes sense to him. “How could you do this to my dad?” Carter insists they didn’t coerce Eric, it was his idea. They said no, but he wouldn’t let it go. Carter yells, “Quinn loves him, I love him too, this was the last thing we wanted!” Ridge says he isn’t being the man he’s known and trusted all these years and wonders what Quinn has done to him. Carter explains how they bonded when Zoe left and Eric had pushed Quinn away. Ridge isn’t interested in all that; Carter knew that Eric wasn’t thinking clear. Carter concedes he should have told Ridge about Eric’s ED. Ridge asks how Carter feels about Quinn.
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn informs Katie that no one cares more about her husband than she does. Eric reveals he’s been open with their neighbor. Quinn asks her to leave so they can be alone. Katie tells Eric it’s been good talking to him and walks out.

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Quinn is certain she was telling Eric what a terrible person she is and relays that Ridge gave her an earful at the office. She loves Eric, but she needs to know that what happened hasn’t damaged their marriage. Eric assures her that no one is going to score any points with him treating like an old fool who doesn’t know his own mind. Quinn is being blamed and it’s frustrating. Eric asks if being his wife is enough for her to leave her feelings for Carter behind. Quinn says that’s all she ever cared about; she doesn’t even understand half of the time why he did what he did. “Being your wife is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.” She’s cherished every moment they’ve spent together — every martini, every time they’ve sat at the piano, every time they’ve… made love. “I love you.” Eric takes her in his arms and looks up at her portrait.

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