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In the design office, Thomas debates with Zende about his sketch and they turn to Hope for her opinion. She’s distracted and Zende asks if she’s okay. Hope tells them her dad is out of prison and back in town. Alarmed, Thomas gawps. “Deacon?!”
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In her room, Sheila torments a hungover Deacon by clanging the spoon against the coffee cup. She wants to focus on their task, but Deacon says he can’t be anywhere near her if he’s going to reconcile with Hope. Sheila argues that the Forresters won’t allow him to be in her life. He counters that it’s none of her business. Deacon feels Hope wants a relationship with him — why else would she have written the letters? He’s going to get through to her… today.
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In the design office, Hope’s gone and Zende and Thomas are discussing how she might be feeling about her dad being back. Thomas ruminates about her ability to see the best in people, including him. Paris hears as she enters and asks who Deacon is. Zende explains he’s Hope’s father and Thomas grumbles about how he’ll take advantage. Thomas gets a text that his realtor has come through on the house and they congratulate him. Thomas offers his furnished apartment to Paris, who accepts. Thomas offers to take her over to see it, then watches as Zende hugs her.
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In the main office, Deacon finds Hope and makes his case — he’s different now. She asks why she should believe him this time. Deacon recalls thinking about his regrets in prison. He remembers her letters when she believed she had lost her baby. It broke him that he couldn’t be there to hold her and wipe away her tears. Hope’s eyes well up. Deacon knows he can be the father she needs him to be, if she’ll just give him a chance.
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Hope doesn’t know what to think. Deacon wants to get to know Beth and Hope just needs to slow things down. They’re discussing having a coffee when Liam walks in and shouts, “What the hell are you doing here?” Deacon tells him that like it or not, he’s her father and he came to see his daughter. Liam hollers about him manipulating and orders him out. Deacon sighs. He tells Hope that she’s grown up into an exceptional woman and says, “Hope, I love you,” as he goes.
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At his apartment, Thomas tells Paris she can move in today if she wants. She says it’s perfect and asks if he’s sure about this. He is; he’s got his new place. “I’d love for you to live here.” She replies, “Deal. Thank you so much,” and hugs him. Soon, Thomas is moving in the things Paris had in her car. She offers to treat him to wings. He steps aside to take a call from his realtor and learns that something went wrong. When he disconnects, he informs Paris that the seller backed out. “I guess I’m not moving after all.”

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In the main office, Liam wants to know how Deacon got past security. Hope interrupts him to say she wishes he wasn’t so harsh with him! Liam goes on about her good heart making her vulnerable — people don’t change. Hope retorts, “Is it crazy to think he loves me enough to change?!” Liam maintains Deacon shouldn’t be a part of her life.

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Sheila answers a knock at her door — it’s Deacon. She takes in his expression and muses, “That bad, huh?” Deacon explains that Hope wanted to give him another chance but Liam walked in and talked to him like he was a piece of garbage. Sheila fumes that SHE has to contend with Steffy. Deacon thinks maybe they’re the problem and suggests Sheila give up on Finn and Hayes before it goes too far — she’s starting to become obsessed again. “You need to leave your son and the Forresters the hell alone.” Sheila shoots him a murderous look.
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Sheila seethes that she hates someone with a defeatist attitude. “I will have a place in my son’s life, in my grandson’s life, in the Forresters’ lives!” She goads, “I thought you told me you cared about Hope?” Deacon says Hope means everything to him. Sheila tells him to do something about it then! Together they can get their kids back. If he’d feel better crawling back in a bottle, he can go ahead, but she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. “And you know what, Deacon?! I always get what I want!” Through gritted teeth, Sheila repeats, “I always get what I want.”

In the office, Hope flashes to Deacon saying he loves her and agonizes.

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