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In the cabin, Liam and Hope share a laugh over the kids. Hope loves their family and the life they’ve created. Liam does too, which is why he thinks they should protect it. Hope assumes that was his subtle attempt to bring up her dad. Liam reminds her she did kind of spring him on them today. He feels a responsibility to protect her and the kids from him. She’ll open herself up to him and he’ll hurt her. “That’s what he does.”

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Hope wonders why they have to assume the worst of Deacon — maybe he really does want to get to know her and the kids. Liam lectures that it’s okay to tell some people they’re out of chances and reminds her he’s a conman who just got out of prison for trying to shoot someone. “Please tell me you understand why he can’t be part of our lives?!” Hope assures him she is walking into this with her eyes wide open, but Liam doesn’t want her walking into it at all. “Deacon has to stay away.”
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At the bar, Deacon tells Sheila she’s an attractive woman for a…psychopath. He clarifies he’s been down this road before and doesn’t want to get thrown off a cliff again. Sheila informs him that she needs him, just as much as he needs her. Deacon claims he’s fully reformed and isn’t interested in hearing whatever it is she’s pitching. Sheila complains she’s been maliciously targeted by the Forresters for years. Deacon chuckles that it’s not malicious if it’s true, but they don’t want him near his daughter either. Sheila has apologized and deserves a place in her son’s life, just as he does in Hope’s. She’s certain if they team up they can make it happen. “Imagine what we can accomplish.”
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Deacon wants a relationship with Hope but teaming with Sheila isn’t the way to get it. He rhymes off some of her crimes. She’s heard his too, but warns that Brooke and Ridge will keep him from his daughter. “You need my help, Deacon. Like it or not, we need each other.” Deacon grimaces and decides it’s time to get out of there. He opens his wallet to pay, but is broke. He mumbles about washing dishes. Sheila will take care of the bill and asks if he can walk home. She quickly realizes he has nowhere to go and tells him, “You can come stay with me.” Deacon admits the thing that kept him going the last couple years was believing he was going to have a future with Hope, and now here he is drinking in a bar with Sheila Carter. He decides to call his daughter.

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At the cabin, Hope answers Deacon’s call. He says, “I don’t want to cause any problems, but…” Liam enters the room, so Hope says she has to go. She says goodnight and hangs up.

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In the bar, Deacon tells Sheila that Hope hung up on him. Sheila has gotten the same reception from Finn and fumes about the Forresters keeping them from their flesh and blood. Deacon has changed and can’t be hanging out with Sheila. She informs him she’s got everything at her place that a guy getting out of prison could possibly desire. Deacon grimly replies that it comes at a price. Sheila insists if they team up they can get this done. Deacon quips, “What could possibly go wrong?” He knows he’ll regret this. Sheila promises if he does what she says, they will get their kids back. “Steffy and the Forresters aren’t gonna know what hit ‘em.”

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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy kiss and canoodle. Finn asks her about Ridge stopping by. Steffy reveals that he had some gossip— it turns out Sheila isn’t the only unwanted visitor to come back into their lives. She tells him Hope’s father is out of prison. As they talk, Steffy explains that Hope could have been really messed up with Deacon as her dad but thankfully, Ridge took on the father role with her. Finn sees the correlation between Hope’s and his situation with Sheila and wonders how Hope is feeling about all this.
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After Finn showers, Steffy senses something is on her mind. Finn admits he can relate to Hope’s situation. Steffy says it’s different because Hope knew Deacon was coming — she was writing to him in prison. Finn can understand why; no matter what he’s done he’s still her father. Steffy argues that he disappointed her and lost his place in her life. Hope has kids now and needs to set boundaries to keep Deacon away just as she did with Sheila.
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