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At the cliff house, Steffy’s happy to see Ridge and tells him that Finn’s at the hospital. She goes on that marriage to him is the best, except for Sheila. Ridge relays that she’s not the only uninvited guest who showed up out of nowhere. Steffy’s stunned to hear that Hope let her father Deacon into her home. Ridge warns there’s more. Steffy asks if he’s still as smug as usual and Ridge explains he claims to be rehabilitated and says Hope’s letters gave him life. Steffy scoffs, “Oh please.” She reflects, “That man is toxic.” They agree that Hope needs to shake Deacon the same way Finn has to shake Sheila. These people have no places in their lives. Steffy shakes her head and tells Ridge, “I made it very clear to Finn. I just hope Liam does the same thing with Hope.”
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At the cabin, Hope reiterates to Liam and Brooke that she invited Deacon. Liam figures she wanted to see her father and Brooke guesses she wanted to know if he’d changed. Brooke goes over Deacon being untrustworthy, and Liam brings up Deacon’s interference in their wedding in Italy. Hope protests that was Bill’s idea and assures them she is going into this with her eyes open — she has no illusions where her father is concerned. Brooke informs her Deacon is still manipulating and Hope does not need him in her life… now or ever.
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Hope reminds her mother that she’s a grown woman and she’s entitled to want to pursue a relationship with her dad. Brooke warns it’s not just about her; he wanted to see Beth. Liam agrees; Deacon is not the kind of person you want around your kid. Brooke tells Hope, “You know he can’t be in her life. You DO know that, don’t you?” Hope will always protect her little girl. Brooke points out that Deacon looks for weak spots. He’s dangerous and so is Sheila. They both need to be kept away from their families at any cost.
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At the bar, Deacon and Sheila pound tequila shots and she mocks him as he strikes out with the waitress. She tells him to focus on what’s most important — time with their children. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” has always been her mantra and she needs to know he feels that way too. Sheila ruminates about being ousted from their grandchildren’s lives by the high and mighty Forresters. “But all that could change.” She buys him another shot and urges him to hear her out. Deacon keeps hitting on the bartender and waitress as Sheila chuckles.

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Deacon tells Carter she’s cramping his style — she should go. He knows she’s off her rocker, and Sheila asks, “Why?” All she wants to do is see her son and grandson. She concedes she wouldn’t have been a good influence on him back when he was born, that’s why she stayed away. Deacon cracks up, knowing Sheila manipulated the situation and calls her the “Grand Poohbah of Manipulation.” He learns her grandson’s name is Hayes after Taylor, but Sheila doesn’t want to discuss her. Deacon marvels that she actually managed to become part of the Forrester clan. “I’ll drink to that! Wow! Nice work.” Sheila cackles.
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Deacon wants to know what kind of con Sheila is running and she insists it’s not a manipulation. She feels Deacon is having a pity party for himself and reiterates that they’d be able to see their grandchildren if the Forresters weren’t keeping them from them. Deacon can’t participate in her scheme — if he ever wants any chance of reconnecting with Hope and his granddaughter he can’t hang around the Sheila devil. She snorts, but suggests they don’t fight each other. Sheila complains that her son wants to see her, it’s Steffy that’s the problem. Deacon grouses about Brooke, Ridge and Liam ganging up on him when it was Hope who reached out. Sheila once again talks about working together, but Deacon resists. She stops him from leaving by insisting they can take down the Forresters together. “I am desperate here, Deacon. I can’t do this alone, but together we can do anything.”
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