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In the cabin, Ridge and Brooke rant about Deacon being a criminal and wonder why Hope needs him in her life now. Hope reminds them Deacon is her father. Brooke demands that Hope tell Deacon that he cannot be a part of her life. Deacon gets it, they all hate him, but Hope doesn’t share their opinion. Ridge continues to trash Deacon. Liam wants Deacon to leave before the kids come home, but Deacon wants to meet his granddaughter. Everyone objects and orders him out the door but Hope interrupts, “I have something to say.” She apologizes for making them feel blindsided and to Deacon for feeling ambushed. He admits the mistakes he’s made but he wanted to see Hope all grown up. He’s so proud of her and happy they kept in touch through letters. However, he doesn’t want to cause her pain. He’s going to leave but vows to think about her all the time and love her forever. Ridge calls him out for the great speech as Brooke and Liam add fuel to the fire. “Just leave, Deacon,” Brooke says. “That’s something you’re good at.” Deacon walks out the door.

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Everyone wants to know why Hope contacted Deacon. She’s not sure but now that she has children… she can’t explain it. Hope felt compelled to understand him more but won’t forget about his past. They continue to hammer Hope about cutting Deacon off, but she resents that they don’t believe in her judgement. They won’t stop pushing her, but Hope refuses to turn her back on Deacon — he’s still her father, no matter what he’s done in the past.

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Steffy arrives home to find Finn amid a romantic setting, to which he deems today as Steffy Appreciation Day. She’s impressed and can’t help but notice how quiet it is. Finn settled the kids down and thinks she deserves some time to relax. Steffy would like nothing more than to be alone with her husband. They kiss passionately until Hayes begins to cry. After Finn calms Hayes down, he and Steffy get back to their “cozy little setup.” Finn even made a playlist. Steffy reflects on the hard things they’ve gotten past, especially Sheila. She believes Sheila got the message and says, “She cannot be a part of our family.” Hayes wakes up again and Steffy holds him. They stare at their baby and she comments on how helpless and sweet he is. That’s why she goes into mama bear mode. When Steffy repeats that Sheila can’t have a role in their lives, Finn thinks back to receiving Sheila’s text while he was with Hope.

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Deacon sits at the bar at Il Giardino and briefly flirts with the bartender before ordering a drink. Suddenly, Sheila appears and takes the seat next to him. After she orders a drink, Deacon turns to talk to the woman beside him then stops short and says, “Shelia… Sheila Carter.” Sheila glances at him and replies, “Deacon.” She thought he was locked up? They bash each other for their crimes and Sheila recalls how he almost got her thrown in prison for making people believe she shot at Quinn. Deacon calls himself a Boy Scout compared to Sheila and knows the Forresters hate her more than him. After Deacon reveals that he’s been released and is free, Sheila wonders why he’s in such a crappy mood. Deacon fills her in on Hope and what happened at the cabin, leaving Sheila to admit that they have more in common than they thought.

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She starts talking about her son, but Deacon interrupts, “Did you adopt a turtle?” Sheila tells him about Finn, how he married Steffy and how the Forresters are shutting her out. She vows not to give up and urges Deacon not to either. Deacon refuses to give up Hope! Sheila says for the first time in his miserable life he is going to get what he wants. With the two of them together, they are going to get what they want — the Forresters don’t stand a chance! Sheila bellows out an eerie laugh as Deacon appears nervous and scared.

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