Brooke, Deacon face-to-face B&B
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At the cabin, Liam is frisky because Donna still has the kids for another hour, but Hope informs him that she’s invited her mom and Ridge over. She’s struggling to explain why when Brooke and Ridge arrive.

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In the main office at Forrester, Steffy and Thomas marvel at how impressed they are with Paris. Zende and Paris arrive and he exclaims, “You are not going to believe what happened?!” Steffy shoots Thomas a knowing smile. They talk about what fun Dodgers games are and start talking about a funny time they had in the past. Zende interrupts to say they should have seen Paris there. Steffy tells him they did, and grins at Paris. “You were amazing!” Thomas wonders, “Is there anything you can’t do?” They talk about how lucky they are to have her at Forrester and Zende declares no one is luckier than him. Thomas watches with a tight look as Zende plants a kiss on Paris.
Zende kiss Paris B&B

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At the cabin, Brooke, Ridge and Liam are puzzled as Hope stammers and asks them to please keep an open mind. There’s a noise outside, Hope opens the door… and Deacon walks in. He drops his bag and says, “Daddy’s home.”
Hope, Deacon arrive, Liam B&B

Brooke and Ridge start freaking out as Deacon’s supposed to be in prison. Liam decides he’ll call the police, but Deacon explains he was let out due to over-crowding. He insists that he had a lot of time to think and declares that he’s reformed. Brooke and Ridge aren’t buying it and Ridge asks how much it’s going to take to get rid of him. Brooke co-signs and wants to pay him to go away since he’ll always take the low road. Hope protests that her father didn’t just decide to come here. “I invited him!”
Brooke, Ridge stunned cabin B&B

At Forrester, Zende hangs with Steffy and marvels at Paris making a place for herself at Forrester — right now she’s across the hall working on designs with Thomas! Steffy agrees that she’s amazing and notices how much Zende is gushing. “You’re really falling for her.” Zende muses that it was scary at first — he was so used to being single and free — but this is better. “Paris makes everything better.” Steffy teases that for the first time he won’t need the family’s approval — everyone loves her! Zende recaps how he couldn’t believe he was with the amazing woman singing at the ball game.

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In the design office, Thomas expresses his awe at Paris getting up in front of all the people at the ball game to sing. She relays how she started singing at church and choir and once had a girl group. Thomas asks what it feels like to sing with so much depth. Paris explains it’s like opening up her heart and soul; it’s really hard to describe, but it always makes her feel better and lighter somehow. Thomas thanks her for sharing that with him and invites her to sing at the next Forrester launch. When a file drops, they both bend down to get it and touch hands and lock eyes.
Thomas thanks Paris B&B

In the cabin, Brooke and Ridge are aghast that Hope invited Deacon there. He protests that he’s changed, but Brooke worries he’ll take advantage; especially if he starts drinking again. Deacon asks for time to prove he’s changed, but Ridge and Brooke scoff. Liam wants Hope to tell her father to walk away. Hope understands they don’t want her to get hurt again, but she can’t send him away. Brooke asks, “Why not?!” Hope retorts, “Because he’s my father!”
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Brooke and Ridge continue their campaign to convince Hope that Deacon will hurt her, but she stops them to say that she invited Deacon to come there. She felt bad for him and started writing to him. Deacon produces a pack of letters. Brooke asks Liam if he knew this was going on. He had no idea! Deacon explains that the letters were a lifeline. His daughter’s writings gave him hope that he would be able to be a father to her again. Brooke scoffs, “Oh, please!” Deacon tells Hope how much he loves her. Ridge bellows at Hope, “He’s playing you right? Tell me you know that!” Liam informs Deacon he can’t just come there and start brainwashing his wife. Brooke decrees that Deacon will never be a part of her daughter’s life. She implores Hope, “Tell him, honey!” Hope looks anguished. Brooke screams, “Tell him!”

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